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Another sneak peak at Corpse

Corpse Husband & Sykkuno FINALLY Meet!

Corpse Husband Visited Sykkuno's home in Las Vegas
Fans may have different ideas of how Corpse Husband and Sykkuno's real-life meeting unraveled. (Credit: sugarkitten2287 via

Corpse Husband has become such an internet phenomenon that even the slightest reveal of a body part makes people go absolutely nuts. Last night he posted a short clip from his visit to Sykkuno's house in Las Vegas, which caused literal tears of joy among his fans.

Corpse Husband is a popular YouTuber and musician, yet his popularity is often attributed to the mystery behind his appearance. He never shows his face on camera and thus every time a clip of him appears on the internet, everyone is wondering: Is it finally time for a face reveal?

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Why Did Corpse Husband Visit Sykkuno in Las Vegas?

Last night, one such TikTok clip was shared by Corpse Husband on Twitter. In the few seconds of that recording, Corpse picks up one of his merchandise hoodies and hands it over to the visibly joyful Sykkuno.

That might not sound like a big deal to the uninitiated, but the moment caused fans of both to quite literally shed tears of joy because:

  • These hoodies sell out faster than PS5s.
  • Corpse Husband, or at least his hand, appears on camera.
  • This moment had been teased prior to happening.

Yes, Sykkuno had hinted that his friend Corpse would make a visit to his new home in Las Vegas, Nevada. The only thing unclear was when that was going to happen. Well, it happened yesterday and Sykkuno finally got the hoodie he had so eagerly waited to get his hands on.

Will the two YouTubers produce more content besides the hoodie delivery? Their fans sure as heck hope so.

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