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We might never SEE him

Corpse Husband Will Never Reveal his Face!

Corpsehusband instagram
We will ever get to see this man's face? (Credit: Corpse Husband)

Corpse Husband’s face is something the internet wants to see. However, the streamer/artist has a different thought on the subject of his face and his answer only deepens our desire to see it more.

Fans want to see the face behind the music, streams, and voice they have come to adore. Corpse Husband has not obliged and in a recent Instagram Live QnA, he vehemently states there is very little chance of a reveal but admits it may just happen in the end.

Corpse Husband was asked two questions on the topic of his face reveal:

  • (Q): How can you keep your yt a secret with your home friends if you have that amazing voice
Dude, I don’t have any friends in real life - I have no one to hide it from. I don’t go outside.

Who needs friends when I have millions of fans! Maybe Corpse Husband is referring to friends before he was famous. However, not having friends is something many can identify with but will never admit.

Corpse Husband umbrella
I have no friends (Credit: Corpse Husband)

Once you become popular, once you gain fame or at least internet fame, you lose your right to privacy to some extent. It's is a trade-off. When you go online and use any social app you use your face because people take you more seriously than if you hide behind an avatar.

Corpse Husband was also asked:

  • (Q): What’s the main reason why you won’t be doing a face reveal?
Realistically, it will happen inevitably against my will,” he continued. “A lot of people think it’s a business thing or a gimmick, but I just deeply fucking hate my face. Peoples’ expectations at this point are ridiculous and unachievable.

Hot takes are sometimes warranted, and this topic is far too juicy to not have an opinion on. Corpse Husband hates his face, okay fine we get it, but sadly that’s not how fame works. Once you are famous your life just becomes less private.

Your face gives some credence to what you say. Who would you take advice from on Twitter from Greg Smith or SauskeShinobi7? I’ll let you guess who is using a picture of a Naruto character and who's using their regular old boring face. Hey even me, a lowly scrub gaming journalist, has to put their photo at the bottom of articles...

So, if you are an influencer/artist and not showing your face is a part of your persona by choice or not, people are going to ask you to reveal your face. This is how desire works: if I say you can't have it you want it more - it's monkey brain sh*t. Corpse Husband has a deep sexy voice and fans want to know who is behind it - it's that simple.

Rip it off like a band-aid or ride the hype train the mystery creates because there is no middle ground here.

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