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The Ongoing Health Struggle

Corpse Husband: Sad Update on Chronic Health Condition

Corpse Husband
Sad news for Corpse Husband fans regarding his ongoing health struggles. (Credit: Corpse Husband Twitter).

Corpse Husband updated his fans that his chronic condition has sadly not improved.

Corpse Husband posted the unfortunate update on Twitter and is receiving a lot of love and support from his fans. Corpse continues to be quite open about his health struggles, and we can't help but feel invested in his well-being. He laid it on us in his recent Tweet.

We commend Corpse Husband for normalizing health problems and showing it’s okay to reach out for support in public spaces. Remember, you never have to be alone in your struggles - seek support - seek help from others, and you'll be shocked at how many kind people are out there! The streaming community has also shown him great support. Big personalities like Pokimane and Valkyrae sent him some love on Twitter after the grim test results.

Corpse Husband goes into further detail and mentions that his arms will continue to feel pain in the long term – with no end in sight.

It does not seem Corpse Husband will ever be free of his chronic condition. Needing regular injections to deal with the pain caused by his health problems means it's quite serious. When you reach this stage of treatment, odds are it will never fully heal for the rest of your life. "Injections" is a pretty general description, but there are steroid injections that are commonly used to reduce inflammation and act as a long-lasting painkiller.

In this Tweet, Corpse Husband did not go into further detail about his specific treatment options. But his willingness to discuss it publicly is not something you see every day, especially with such frank honesty.


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