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Who did Corinna Kopf write first to?

Corinna Kopf Only Slid Into Two Men's DM's. Who Are They?

Corinna Kopf sliding into dms
Corinna Kopf isn't afraid to slide into people's DMs. | © Facebook Gaming

Who says girls can't approach guys? If someone as popular and attractive as Corinna Kopf can slide into guys' DMs, then no one has any excuse to not do it. First sentence conclusions are the best! Back to the news: Corinna Kopf revealed who the two men are whose DMs she has slid into.

Corinna Kopf has 5.8 million followers on Instagram. She claims to have made $1 million over the first 48 hours of her OnlyFans "career". We won't be jumping the gun if we claim that she has a massive following, almost entirely because of her looks, and wouldn't have an issue in grabbing any straight guy's attention with next to no effort.

Miss Kopf does not sit and wait, however. She speaks to whom she wants to speak! That includes sliding into guys' DMs. Corinna reveals which two dudes have deserved this effort from her.

Whose DMs Did Corinna Kopf Slide Into?

It's not as spicy as you may have hoped for - the two blessed ones are Logan Paul and Tfue. If you have followed Corinna Kopf for the last 2-3 years, you would know that it's a fact that she's had her "interactions" with both.

It's still interesting to find out that Kopf was the one to go on the offense for her two most public relationships. As Logan eloquently put it: Corinna is 2 for 2 in her DM sliding attempts. How and when did Logan have time to respond to the news? Because the "confession" came on his podcast. The DM slides and much more was discussed on the imPAULsive podcast, including Logan and Corinna's weird sex history and why it took them a full year to "go at it".

The whole conversation is very interesting, not just for the gossip, but also because of a surprisingly deep dive into STD testing and how "normal" it is to demand your partner to get tested. After watching the clip, do you have a stance on the matter?

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