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Maybe she got tired of it?

You Can Buy Queen Elizabeth II’s Golden Wii on eBay

You Can Buy Queen Elizabeth II’s Golden Wii
The golden Nintendo Wii in all its glory! (Credit: eBay/ Donny Fillerup)

Once upon a time 12 years ago, THQ decided to create a golden 24-karate Nintendo Wii console and send it to the Queen of England - Elizabeth II. Today the console is for sale on eBay and you can buy it!

How did it come to all this? Is the Queen of England secretly a gamer? We're not sure but we like to think so. Back in 2009 when the Nintendo Wii was one of the hottest consoles on the market, THQ made their own version of Wii Sports with Big Family Games. Instead of playing regular sports like tennis, bowling, baseball, golf, or boxing, they decided to go with something different: Throwing horseshoes in various scenarios.

As you can probably imagine it wasn't a total hit. Naturally, THQ decided to do the one thing that could save their game - make a golden Wii console and send it to the Queen of England.

The Golden Wii Today

To make a long story short Elizabeth II never got the Wii (or maybe she did and got tired of it?) as it is now in the hands of a collector named Donny Fillerup. Donny has many things in his collection that he's now putting up for sale but the golden Wii is definitely the crown jewel in it. The golden console is currently available on eBay and you're free to buy it if you have the dough. If you don't have $300,000 though, then make sure to sign up for our PS5 giveaway below.

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This item has been in my possession for quite some time now. In 2009 THQ made a promo item for the Queen of the England and created the by now world famous 24 Karat golden Nintendo Wii console.

In an official interview, Donny shared that he's now moving on with his life and currently looking to buy a new apartment. The price of the console is basically the price of a new apartment, so if you want to play Big Family Games on a 24-karat gold Nintendo Wii, now's your chance. To be fair, the Queen seems to have a thing for the Nintendo Wii bowling according to an article from 2008 so maybe THQ's publicity stunt was on point.


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