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He finally buckled...

Father Of Britney Spears Files To End Court Conservatorship

Britney Dad
Britney's dad has been overseeing her career since the beginning | © NME

After protests around the globe from Britney Spears' supporters, her father has finally buckled. Jamie Spears has now filed for his conservatorship over Britney to end. This would put Britney back in full control of her life and finances. Details below. 

Jamie Spears is an old man now. What's more, he's been accused of having an abusive relationship with his daughter. To have to fight for the continuation of his conservatorship over the star would probably just be too tiring for him in 2021. So he's relented - and Britney Spears might once again be free to spend her enormous wealth as she wants. 

The Court Conservatorship 

How did we get here you might be asking. Well in 2008 Britney was collapsing in on herself; the usual cocktail of wealth, fame, and show business was too much at such a young age. 

A conservatorship was ordered by the court. This is where a family member or friend takes legal guardianship over someone, even an adult if they're deemed unfit to make decisions for themselves. In Britney's case, it was a conservatorship divided into two parts - responsibility for her finances and for her as a person. 

It made sense at the time but as Britney gradually recovered she accused her father of imposing the conservatorship merely to line his own pockets. She also said that throughout the conservatorship her father threatened to prevent her from seeing her children if she did not comply with his demands. 

If you want some good news after all this mess, check this out:

Ending The Conservatorship

Jamie Spears submitted documents to the LA County Court, stating that his daughter Britney "is entitled to have this court now seriously consider whether this conservatorship is no longer required". 

The court may still rule that Britney is incapable of making decisions for herself. 

If she believes she can handle her own life then she deserves the chance. Let's just hope that the fans realize how fragile Britney still must be though - we don't want another repeat of the early years. 

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