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The young starlet is said to be very connected to her siblings

Does Billie Eilish Have A Sister? Did Her Sister Join OnlyFans?

Does Billy Eilish have a sister?
A lot of people are getting confused with her brother's girlfriend | © Distractify

So many of our readers have been looking for Billie Eilish's sister recently. They want to know who she is, if she has OnlyFans, and whether that OnlyFans have leaked. Well buckle in guys - cos we've got the answers. 

Billie Eilish is one of the world's biggest stars. She emerged on to the scene in 2015 and hasn't stepped out of the limelight since. She's a teenager in every sense, and she appeals to the angsty side in us all, but she's also a family person. 

You've probably seen her with her brother, but what about her sister? 

Does Billie Eilish Have A Sister?

No, Billie Eilish does not have a sister, and so to your follow-up question - does Billie Eilish's sister have OnlyFans? We can only answer in the negative. It's as simple as that, there is no Eilish sister. But Billie does have a brother called Finneas - and he has a girlfriend! 

Finneas Eilish is a musician who still has a very close relationship with Billie. And the amount of time that he, his grilfriend, and Billie spent together, is what's caused the confusion here we think. People are seeing the three together and assuming siblings. It's an easy enough mistake to make but trust us - there really is no sister, and we've been on a deep dive to make sure we're absolutely certain. 

Still, got a few moments left to browse? Of course, you do - and here's some more entertainment for your viewing pleasure:

What About Billy Eilish's Brother's Girlfriend? Does She Have OnlyFans? 

We're sorry, dear reader, but your disappointment with this story is sure to grow - no, unfortunately, Claudia Sulewski does not have OnlyFans. She's an actress and a social media advertiser, and it just wouldn't be in keeping with her brand. 

So that's where the case runs cold -the sister was a ruse all along; it was just Claudia Sulewski, and not even she has an OnlyFans. Maybe next time fellas! 

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