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The Biggest Streamer Scandals in March

Sinatraa was accused of abusing his girlfriend
Sinatraa went from Overwatch legend to pariah in less than a year. (Credit: Overwatch League)

March had no shortage of streamer scandals. Some were bigger than others, but they ain't gonna rank themselves. That's where we step in. Here are the most controversial gamer/streamer/influencer scandals for the month of March.

There were some interesting drama sequences that barely missed the cut. Examples would be footballer Dele Alli losing his girlfriend over Fortnite or Ryan Higa setting a new record for quickest unban in Twitch history. Those that did make it, however, make these look like first grade jokes by comparison.

Snoop Dogg Goes Mad Over Madden

Snoop Dogg usually carries himself in a very relaxed way, which is in no way related to any substances he may or may not consume. Madden NFL 21 proved that sports games can drive anyone nuts by making Snoop Dogg bigg madd. The rapper completely lost it during a live stream...and left the stream on for seven hours.

Warning! Explicit lyrics.

Dream Says the N-Word?

Minecraft YouTube content creator Dream has been accused of random acts of racism and cultural inappropriation probably a dozen times by now. These latest acts attributed to him are probably the worst so far as folks claimed his voice was caught on tape saying the n-word during a stream. He, of course, denied.

NBA Player Turns into Hitler During Warzone Game

NBA player Meyers Leonard isn't likely to be an NBA player much longer. The former Miami Heat center was traded away days after screaming anti-semitic slurs quite profoundly during a Call of Duty: Warzone game. If someone says they haven't heard worse than what Leonard said in Call of Duty lobbies, they'd be lying their ass off. Rules are different for famous people though.

David Dobrik Gets What's Coming to Him

David Dobrik has made a living out of being a douche and treating people like rugs. It's an anomaly that this type of behavior made it this far without consequences in today's sensitive world. There had to be rape accusations for this man to be put in front of the jury. Way overdue, if you ask us. The only issue we have with David getting flamed is that he is the only one receiving the hair dryer treatment. His buddy Dom, who is the alleged offender, is probably gonna get away with it.

Sinatraa Accused of All Kinds of Abuse

Sinatraa made a name for himself in Overwatch and moved to Valorant when that game went big last year. Now his name is as broken as ever after a former girlfriend came out with a 9-page document describing her relationship with the star esports player. Sexual and emotional abuse is not the foundation you'd want to build a relationship upon. That relationship is over and so is Sinatraa's clean reputation.

That's the end of it. If you have your own opinion on which one of these is THE scandal of March, then you can share it via our poll on the same topic.

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