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Does he have a point?

Asmongold: "Twitch Is Creating Anti-Woman Sentiment"

Asmongold Acuses Twitch of Double Standards
Asmongold is asking the questions we all want answered. (Credit: Asmongold)

Popular streamer Asmongold accused Twitch of having double standards when it came to certain female content creators, namely Indiefoxx.

Asmongold is mostly known for his World of Warcraft streams, but occasionally he likes to comment on some issues. This time Zack decided to address the Twitch punishment policy and how the streaming platform doesn't seem to follow its own rules.

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Twitch and Double Standards

What sparked Asmongold's comment was the fourth consecutive three-day ban of Twitch streamer Indiefoxx. The latter is mostly known for her hot tub streams and writing viewer names on her naked body. Normally, you'd expect something like this to be impossible on a streaming platform that's not aimed at providing adult content.

For some reason, streamers like Indiefoxx seem to be getting away with a pat on the back instead of a permaban and that's exactly what Asmongold talked about in his rant. He first mentioned that someone like Forsen, another popular streamer, would get permabanned for the same offense.

If that happened to Forsen, Twitch would not only ban Forsen, they would find a way to send him to the moon in real life! They would ban him from Earth. Why does this person get multiple three-day suspensions but other people get permabanned especially when it's the same exact stuff.

It really is the question of the day and raises others like: Why is Indiefoxx not permabanned, since she already has an Onlyfans account? Asmongold mentioned that and continued with another line of thought by saying that Twitch is indirectly creating an anti-women sentiment.

I think Twitch is actually indirectly fermenting and creating a lot of anti-woman sentiment. I really think that they are not treating this fairly. I think anybody would see that by the way she’s been acting, and the way other people have been acting, what the difference in the punishment is.

At the end of the day, Indiefoxx is still banned for a few days, and she hasn't answered any of the questions raised by Asmongold. Also, she probably never will. What do you make of it? Should Twitch outright ban anyone that's promoting nudity on their stream? Is the platform biased? Drop us a line on Facebook or Twitter!

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