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The Big time WoW Streamer

Asmongold Announces Break From Streaming

Asmongold Streaming Break
How long will this break last? (Credit: ZackRwarr YouTube)

Asmongold, one of the top streamers on Twitch and the biggest WoW streamer, has announced a break from streaming. How long his break lasts is unknown, and perhaps Twitch is to blame.

Asmongold is nothing but direct and bold, the man never misses a chance to give us his opinion. One of the founders of the esports org OTK has suddenly gone on a break from Twitch. In a recent Tweet, called for an indefinite break from streaming on Twitch.

It is very likely Asmongold will tweet out why he is going on a break. But there are perhaps clues from a YouTube video he posted on December 29.

In the nearly 30-minute video, he complains about several problems he has with Twitch and their poor communication with its content creators.

This is not Asmongold’s first break as he has taken several throughout his very successful career as a WoW streamer. Recently he has been streaming Rust on the OfflineTV streamer only Rust server along with WoW Shadowlands.

Take it easy Asmongold, rest up and come back strong!

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