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It's got something to do with kingdoms

Aquaman 2 Title Officially Announced!

Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom
Aquaman 2 Got an Official Title! (© James Wan via Instagram)

It's always sweet to receive official news from a much anticipated project. In this case, we're talking the Aquaman sequel. Director James Wan announced the title of the film: Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom, in a stylish way via Instagram.

Aquaman was the laughing stock of the DC universe before the sensational success of the 2018 full length movie broke the box office and made the watery hero cool again. Three years later, we're still waiting on a sequel, but at least now we have an official title to reference it by.

What Is the Title of Aquaman Sequel?

The second big screen appearance of Jason Momoa as the water god is going to be titled Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom. That's no rumor or cheap journalistic speculation. The word, or rather photo, is coming straight from director James Wan's Instagram page.

This post comes as a fresh breeze to the fans of the franchise, who are a lot more than originally anticipated. Aquaman wasn't even supposed to be this big in the DC cinematic universe, but Wan and star man Momoa have done their magic, and we're now all eagerly awaiting the next bit of info on this long-anticipated sequel.

The title makes perfect sense when you consider how the first movie developed. It's a good guess that the second part will tell us much more about that one kingdom that evaded our hero's rule last time. The hype is most definitely real!

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