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Twitch bans make the world go round

Amouranth Gets a Ton of OnlyFans Subscribers After Twitch Ban

Amouranth OnlyFans subscribers
Amouranth is taking her Twitch ban quite well. | © Amouranth via Twitter

Amouranth was hit with an abrupt Twitch ban on Saturday as a repercussion for the ASMR meta she's been a leading part of. Wild Amouranth isn't too hurt by the fact, because what she lost on Twitch was made up for by gaining a bunch of OnlyFans subscribers.

Amouranth is always at the center of attention when it comes to any controversial Twitch meta. The latest one - the ASMR meta, went a bit too far. Twitch punished the two most popular entities of the meta - Amouranth and Indiefoxx, with an indefinite ban. The former isn't too bothered by it all.

Amouranth Gains OnlyFans Subscribers Following Twitch Ban

If it's still unclear to anyone, Amouranth's content is a tad bit suggestive. Ok, not really. It's outright sexual. No huge surprise that she's expanded that type of content beyond Twitch and onto the sex work platform OnlyFans.

The redheaded bombshell has built a dedicated following that can't make it too long without seeing her half-naked in a pool or licking a microphone while wearing yoga pants. That much is made evident by the numbers Amouranth dropped on Twitter.

This only goes to prove that even if 99% of the public hates your content, if you have 1% of dedicated followers, your business plan is going to be a successful one.

Furthermore, Amouranth went on a series of tweets over the weekend where she explained that streaming isn't even her main income anymore, and she's turning into more of an investor.

We don't know about her other investments, but the one she's made on OnlyFans is paying off just about right. Good for her!

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