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Amouranth Is Making $1M Each Month From OnlyFans

Amouranth $1,000,000 / Month
For context, that means Amouranth is making more per month from OnlyFans than almost anyone else on the platform besides Belle Delphine | © Amouranth's Twitter & The Economics Detective

Amouranth has recently claimed on an H3H3 stream to be earning overmillion USD a month from OnlyFans. This isn't as unbelievably high a number as you might think. We break down what she said and how believable the claim is beneath. 

Say what you want about OnlyFans and 'Simps' - and we do, frequently - but the economic model works, or at least it's fairer for the performers. While the site takes a 20% cut off every purchase, this still means that the vast majority of earnings go directly towards the women, eliminating the greasy middlemen that used to dominate the porn industry. And for one star, in particular, the platform is working exceptionally well.

'Amouranth' was previously a more soft-core Twitch performer, but since making the move to OnlyFans, she claims to be clearing over a million a month. For context, this would mean she's earning more than any head of government in the world, and more than many heads of state, including the Queen of Denmark or the Sultan of Oman. 


What Did Amouranth Say About Her OnlyFans

The 27-year-old was on H3H3's 'just chatting' stream when the topic of OnlyFans came up, the host Ethan has said before (and rightly so) that Amouranth is working hard and deserves the success she's achieved, but he still wanted to push her on just how much she was 'crushing it'. Well, Amouranth cooly replied: 

“Last month was actually my highest month ever [...] 1.1 million.”

$1.1 million dollars. To think, she's earning the average annual income of most Americans every day. And this is apparently from OnlyFans alone, so who knows how much she brings in from all revenue sources combined each month. 

Still, got a few moments left to browse? Of course, you do - and here's some more entertainment for your viewing pleasure: 

How Accurate Is Amouranth's OnlyFans Claim? 

While it sounds like an extraordinary figure at first glance, this actually makes sense. Amouranth currently charges $14.99 (USD) a month per subscriber, so for 1.1 million a month, she would need 76,000 active subscribers. Now, Amouranth has 4.7 million followers on Instagram, so you only have to imagine that 1.6% of those viewers were enthused enough about her content to make the switch to OnlyFans. We think it's quite likely therefore that you can trust this claim. 

We can only say we're impressed, Amouranth saw a market, she saw how to conquer it, and now she's earning more than the CEO of FedEx at 27 years old. Hear, hear! 

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