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Easy mode, normal mode, hard mode. Why does it matter?

Are You a True Gamer?

True gamer test
The eternal question has been answered: do you pass the True Gamer test? (Credit:

Am I a true gamer? The discussion over what constitutes a gamer is evergreen and it always boils down to what difficulty you're playing at. A Twitch streamer addressing those gatekeepers went viral this week and we have something to say on the topic as well: let people enjoy their games!

Every now and then we're dragged back into the difficulty discussion. "You play on easy so you're not a true gamer". Give us a break!

Am I a True Gamer?

Do you play video games? Yes? Then you are a true gamer. End of discussion. It doesn't matter if you play on infant difficulty. If you're gaming, you're a gamer. We're glad that Twitch streamer Ashley Roboto isn't afraid of saying the same to those trying to tell people they're not allowed to enjoy games.

Are you one of those internet regulators? Then this is for you. For real, stop telling people what they are allowed and aren't allowed to do! If you enjoy your s@#$ on super hard settings with a little extra on top, then cool, that's your choice. But don't shame people for playing on easy, please.

Not everyone has the time and the nerves to "git gud" and a lot of people just don't want to. They're having perfectly good fun without breaking their controller. Let them beee. They're not hurting your superior tRuE gAmEr status. It will be just fine.

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Finally, for the separate group that says "ok, but she's a streamer, she should be good at gaming", there's that: no, she doesn't. Nor are you inclined to watch Ashley's streams. It's a free world. You want to watch esports pros make awesome plays? Go watch shroud. There's enough product out there for three humanities to consume. Just find yours and leave others enjoy theirs.

Peace, love and gaming for everyone! At whatever difficulty they enjoy it.

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