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The CashApp Pay Day stream had dimes

100 Thieves Give $450K In Cash App Card on Twitch

100 Thieves Cash App Pay Day Twitch Stream
100 Thieves were generous with their Cash App Pay Day Twitch stream. (Credit: 100 Thieves)

Yesterday's CashApp Pay Day Twitch stream by 100 Thieves was a memorable event for fans. The organization gave away an impressive $450,000 through various games and activities. Here's the 100 Thieves CashApp stream recap!

This is not the first time 100 Thieves have organized a Twitch event like this, but the money they've given to fans has never even approached the numbers that this latest CashApp Card Pay Day stream did.

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How Much Money Did 100 Thieves Donate During CashApp Pay Day Twitch Stream?

100 Thieves rewarded fans with a whopping $450,000 over the entire stream. 100 Thieves, an organization co-owned by none other than Drake himself, had stacked the deck heavily for this event. Of course, not all of it went to a single person, nor did the money spill all at once. The last little detail about the 100 Thieves Cash App Pay Day Stream is that all of the prizes were delivered in Bitcoin.

What Happened in the CashApp Pay Day Stream?

100 Thieves set up a bunch of fun games and tournaments for the CashApp Pay Day Stream, each with different incentives. The full schedule for the 7-hour Twitch stream can be seen below:

  • Countdown/Musical Performance by 24K Brown Magic
  • Courage & Nadeshot Show
  • Musical Performance by Harry Mack
  • $100k Bitcoin edition of #CashAppTrivia
  • $350k UNO Championship

As you can see, the stream began with good atmosphere and no financial stakes. As the CashApp Pay Day Stream went on, however, that all changed. The big prize was seated in the UNO Championship, where various content creators played against each other to determine the UNO Supremo.

Fans could get themselves a piece of the pie by betting correctly on the winner of the 100 Thieves Cash App Pay Day Stream. Those that placed their bet on new 100 Thieves co-owner Jack "CouRage" Dunlop could count their lucky stars, because his victory just increased their Bitcoin balance.

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