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EG and Fnatic win the Dota 2 BTS Pro Series

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The Dota 2 Beyond the Summit Pro Series concluded over the weekend for both the Americas and Southeast Asia. EG and Fnatic were the best in the respective regions, just like many expected.

Dota 2 online events are blooming among the coronavirus pandemic and the ending of one can only mean the beginning of another. Such is the case with the Beyond the Summit Pro Series. The online tournament kicked off on April 10 and came to an end this Sunday, April 26. It gathered some of the best teams from North and South America and Southeast Asia.


The group stage in the Americas held some surprises. Quincy Crew and CR4ZY were the top performers, with the regional favorites Evil Geniuses left at third place. EG lost to the top two and their third defeat came at the hands of Cloud9. Many hoped this would spell the return of the fabled NA organization but the squad failed to make it past Round 1 of the lower bracket.

EG started their journey in the upper bracket by defeating CR4ZY but fell to Quincy Crew in the winners' finals. The blue team made it back to the grand finals after a convincing victory against Thunder Predator and ultimately managed to get back at QC by winning with a 3-1 score and taking the champions title.

Southeast Asia

Things were simpler in SEA. Fnatic proved to be the best in the group stage as they didn’t lose a single series. Their run in the playoffs was a continuation of that as they took out BOOM in the opening series of the winners' bracket and then defeated TNC Predator twice – once in the winners' finals and once in the grand finals. It truly felt like Fnatic had no competition in the region as no other team was nowhere near their level.

T1 had another disappointing performance, much like their counterparts Cloud9 in NA.

The prize pool for each of the regions was $50,000 with the champions taking $21,000 from that. The BTS Pro Series may have come to an end but there’s still plenty of Dota 2 action to follow. Things are just starting up in China with the DPL-CDA Pro League.

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