Samira could be joining us for Patch 10.17!

Easter Egg Confirms Samira As Next LoL Champion

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League of Legends is full steam ahead with the champions at the moment. Lillia joined us in Patch 10.15. Yone will arrive for Patch 10.16, so could Samira, the thrill-seeker join us for Patch 10.17?

Riot Games certainly have been living up to their Champion Roadmap, which has now seen two champions revealed! Lillia and Yone, with Yone joining Summoner's Rift in Patch 10.16.

League of Legends is not stopping there, though! A recent data-mine confirms the next champion, which will be Samira, who is quoted as: "A new marksman, dressed to slay," in Riot Games champion roadmap.

Found as Easter Egg files the "Style: Rank S" Emote, arrived to the PBE. With no details of what it was, further digging into the files shows the animation broken down, with text saying "SamiraEasterEgg".

LoL Samira

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While we do not have any current information about her yet, we do know she will be League of Legends' latest bottom lane Marksman. Samira could have combos, much like Devil May Cry, integrated into her kit. This would also work well with what Riot Games wrote about the upcoming Marksman, being this combo-thrill-seeker.

Do you like to laugh in the face of danger? Do you enjoy stringing together abilities, creating stylish new combos? Does the idea of diving straight into the fray, firing a whirlwind of blades and bullets, then hopping back out with a sliver of health excite you? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then we may be releasing just the champion for you. - Riot Games

It seems like Samira could be coming far sooner than we thought! 3 new champions to play with now, how exciting! With the new Style: Rank S Emote, it would be innovative if Riot Games could integrate emotes into Samira and her abilities, with the option to toggle them off of course. You could show Summoner's Rift just how OP you really are.

What do you think of Samira? Do you play in the bottom lane? We're curious to know!

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