Career mode is being developed. No way!

EA Sports Reveal FIFA 21 Gameplay, Career Mode Details

FIFA 21 Gameplay Erling Haaland

EA Sports are addressing some community complaints with FIFA 21. That's new. (Image credit: EA Sports)

We knew that the FIFA 21 Reveal Trailer was coming yesterday evening. But with it, EA Sports have released extensive details about the career mode, new game mechanics and the FUT co-op mode that will be featured in FIFA 21.

Eric Cantona gets a new icon, FIFA Ultimate Team gets a co-op mode, career mode is finally being addressed. You'd think that would have all been tackled in the FIFA 21 Reveal Trailer, but the trailer didn't reveal much at all. These details were hidden elsewhere.

FIFA 21 Trent Alexander-Arnold

FIFA 21 is gaining a lot of ground with the player models. (Image credit: EA Sports)

FIFA 21 Career Mode Gets Addressed

Career mode has been almost entirely neglected by EA Sports in the past forever amount of years and after waiting for only God knows how long, we're finally bound to see some improvement on that front.

There will be a brand new Interactive Match Simulation. You can enter and exit your games and put your stamp on the game or take over key scenes such as penalties and free kicks yourself to shoot. During the simulation, you can make changes based on game statistics, player performance and stamina.

The development of your own players can be controlled in even more detail thanks to the revised growth system. Positions can be adjusted, turning full-backs into wingers with ease.

With the new Match Sharpness value you can see directly how likely it is that your players will be able to call up their top performance in the decisive game scenes. Increase the sharpness of your players with the new Active Training System designed to help your players take the key goal opportunities and make the crucial tackles at the tail ends of a game.

FIFA 21 Career Mode

Career mode is finally getting some sort of attention from the developer. (Image credit: EA Sports)

With the Activity Management System, you can determine when your players should train and when they should rest during the week to balance their stamina, morale and match sharpness.

Improved transfer realism gives you even more options when renting or buying, while improving the AI of your opponents at the same time.

FIFA 21 VOLTA Arena Milano

VOLTA will also make a return for FIFA 21. (Image credit: EA Sports)

FIFA 21 Gameplay Features

We've heard this before, but EA Sports are promising us that:

With the new dynamic attacking systems you can get even more scoring chances than ever before in the most intelligent FIFA gameplay ever.

There are some supposed innovatios. One such innovation is the agile dribbling system. This should allow more control and reactivity in one-on-one situations. New special movements like the outside dribbling or the ball roll fake turn also offer new possibilities in attack.

FIFA 21 Kylian Mbappé

With the new attacking movements you can do even more damage with the new FIFA cover star. (Image credit: EA Sports)

With the new Positioning Personality the overview in the positional play becomes even more important. World-class strikers pay attention to the last defender during their runs to avoid offside positions. Playmakers create space to exploit gaps in the opposing defense. The best defenders are more effective at blocking passes to make life difficult for their opponents. All of that, if employed right, can make for a more realistic playing experience. Creative runs promise to influence the way your teammates run off the ball. In addition, manual headers, more balanced blocks, smarter passes and increased reactivity should provide more control.

FIFA 21 Gameplay Positioning Personality

Positioning Personality could breathe some much needed realism into FIFA 21. (Image credit: EA Sports)

FIFA 21 Ultimate Team Co-Op Mode

Perhaps the most exciting new feature: FUT 21 gets a co-op mode! Together you can make weekly progress in Division Rivals and Squad Battles. In addition, there will be special co-op goals outside of the actual matches.

Numerous new and enhanced customisation methods allow for even more in-depth customisation of your own FUT squad - both on the pitch and the stands.

FIFA 21 offers more than 30 official leagues, over 700 teams and 17,000 authentic players. EA Sports will go into more detail about the new features in August, two months before FIFA 21 is officially released on October 9.

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