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EA Sports Cut Controversial Celebration from FIFA 21

FIFA 20 Dele Alli ok celebration

Dele Alli's signature celebration won't be around for FIFA 21. (Image credit: EA Sports)

EA Sports are deep into FIFA 21 reveals in the past couple of weeks. While on one hand they are busy adding stuff to the game, on the other they are lowkey cutting some other stuff away. Stuff such as goal celebrations.

EA Sports on a Mission to Reduce FIFA 21 Toxicity

The past couple of weeks have seen an intense cycle of cover star and release date reveals, gameplay trailers and announcing new features that are to come in FIFA 21 in general. Adding stuff isn't the only thing the publisher is doing, however. EA Sports are also taking things out of the game. Among the cut material are some goal celebrations, one of which could be counted as highly controversial.

Two celebrations have been confirmed as being forsaken for the new FIFA title - the "Shhh" and the "A-OK". The latter is what catches the eye. Earlier in the year, Activision removed the ok sign from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare without giving any explanation as to why the community favored symbol was booted. The most plausible explanation for that move is that the ok sign has been recognized as a "white supremacy" symbol as of last year and perhaps Activision wanted to dodge the bullet before it was fired.

In the case of FIFA that is made even more far-fetched by the fact that the A-OK celebration is the ok sign backwards, aka it's a very specific type of thing. Furthermore, the removal of Shhh and some additional changes such as the reduction of the time given to take set-pieces and the removal of some in-game cut scenes stick to a very streamline approach by EA, which is to limit the toxic possibilities in FIFA 21 that have been available in previous years.

In terms of celebrations, the two mentioned have been deemed "disrespectful" and that's why they've been chopped. Whichever side of the explanation coin you prefer is up to you, but at the end of the day, we won't be able to shush our opponents after a last-minute any longer.

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Kiril Stoilov