No E3 in 2020 doesn’t mean no announcements

EA Play Live announced for June 11

Ea play live june 11

EA is another gaming company that’s running a digital-only show this year. (Image credit: Electronic Arts)

The COVID-19 crisis caused the cancelation of pretty much all of the large gaming events taking place this year. However, companies are taking this opportunity to run their own online shows with prereviews, interviews, trailers, and announcements. EA is joining their ranks with their own EA Play Live program scheduled for June 11.

You might remember how things unfolded. The cancelation of GDC was troublesome. It was a big hit to the gaming industry, but still, the damage of its delay was dealt mostly to developers and industry insiders. However, when we were hit by news that E3 was also being scrapped, it became crystal-clear that gaming fans will simply have to accept the unpleasant reality, look after their health and enjoy their gaming shows streamed live for a change.


And gaming companies took note. First, Microsoft announced that the Xbox Series X release is still happening more or less as planned, with reveals and big announcements coming in the form of live shows.

The EA Play Live will go down on June 11 at 4 pm PST – the same week as the original dates for E3. We expect to see updates on the EA properties and the announcement of a new AAA standalone game. Last year around that time they announced Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, a game that’s about to see the release of its last major content update, so it’s more than likely that another title similar in scope will show its face. The question is: will it be another Star Wars game?

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