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EA is Not Releasing a FIFA 21 Demo

There Will Not be a FIFA 21 Demo This Year

You were really hoping for a FIFA 21 Demo? Ahahahahahah. (Image credit: EA Sports)

You had hopes and dreams of playing FIFA 21 prior to the game’s release? Then you will be disappointed. EA Sports stated on Twitter, that there will be no FIFA 21 Demo this year – and fans are upset.

Want to play FIFA 21 before the game releases on October 9? We have some bad news for you. There will not be a FIFA 21 Demo this year.

How to play FIFA 21 Early!

No FIFA 21 Demo Planned

Your only chance to play FIFA 21 before the game’s release has been denied. EA Sports announced on Twitter, that there will be no Demo this year around and that the development team will focus on “delivering the best full game experience for current & next-gen consoles”. What is great… if it is true.

Not that they had to develop a whole new game for the FIFA 21 Demo, but anyways. Your first chance to play the newest iteration, is by buying a EA Play membership. Subscribers can play the new game starting on October 1 for ten hours.

Of course, the decision to give up on a Demo leads to heavy criticism in the community. Fans are joking that we may find the FIFA 21 Demo locked behind a 100K-Pack in FUT while others still hope that we will really see a better game.

Video credit: Mirza Jahic via YouTube

Well, it looks like it. The first reactions from Pros and Content Creators already playing FIFA 21 sound promising. So let us just hope and see what the final game brings. Not that we had another option, though.

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