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Dreamhack masters spring

DreamHack Masters spring will take up nearly a month of the CS:GO competitive calendar. (Image credit: DreamHack)

Welcome to our DreamHack Masters Spring Europe coverage hub! In this article, we will tackle all things happening in and around the event as they happen, every day from the start on May 19 to the finish on June 14.

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JUNE 14, 2020

BIG top G2 in rematch to claim DreamHack Masters Spring Europe title

BIG Clan did against G2 Esports what FaZe couldn't do against them - they won the rematch! Is there a better time to get revenge than in a Grand Final? Doubt it. The victory is even sweeter when considering the French started with a default 1-0 advantage that grew to a 2-0 advantage with a dominant 16-6 Vertigo.

If you've paid attention, you'd remember that German mental strength we talked about. That was on full display in all the remaining maps, as it so often happens, at the expense of the French. Nuke was BIG's best friend once more to cut the deficit. Dust2 - French Counter-Strike's trademark, gave up on its friends, though, as it was totally dominated by the Germans - 16-6.

All of this one-sidedness set up a fifth map, which had to deliver at least some drama, right? RIGHT? It did. It did. Calm down. At first it seemed as if G2 will run away with it, confirming one of the more boring Bo5's in memory, but BIG still had a say on the matter. Mirage overtimes work well for the German squad, apparently, so when they got an OT out of a 14-8 disadvantage, it must have felt like victory.

A second additional period was not even necessary this time around. A 4-2 split of the first OT was all BIG needed, they got it, and with it the DreamHack Masters Spring Europe champions tag.

JUNE 13, 2020

BIG reassert dominance over FaZe

For the second time this week the clash of clans was won by BIG. FaZe once again let Nuke slip int othe pool and were stomped even harder this time - 16-4. They wisely passed on picking Inferno this time and went for Mirage instead. That did help, as we at least saw a fight, but was ultiately not enough to send the match into a third map. BIG let a big lead go to waste in both regulation and overtime, but showed that trademark German mental strength by closing it out in double OT - 22-19. Another rematch awaits BIG tomorrow, only this time it's one they don't have keen memories from - against G2.

  • FaZe Clan 0 - 2 BIG Clan

JUNE 12, 2020

Bymas carries FaZe to the lower final

Imagine being 16-years-old and going against s1mple for a place in a major tournament semi-final... and carrying your team to victory! FaZe Clan's Aurimas "Bymas" Pipiras doesn't need to imagine because that's just what he did. Having arrived a couple of weeks ago, Bymas played by far his best game for his new team as of yet, leading the server with 45 kills in a 16-11; 16-11 win. This result eliminates Natus Vincere from DreamHack Masters Spring Europe while FaZe will hope for a couple more similar efforts from their young gun can aid them to the trophy. The first test is BIG Clan in the lower bracket final tomorrow.

  • FaZe Clan 2 - 0 Natus Vincere

JUNE 11, 2020

All that remains

We are entering the final stage of the DreamHack Masters Spring Europe playoffs. With half of the teams who entered the playoffs now gone, we are left with just six. One of Natus Vincere, FaZe Clan, Ninjas in Pyjamas, MAD Lions and BIG Clan will make it out of the lower bracket grinder to face G2 Esports in the Grand Final. Who? Stay with us in the coming days to find out!

S1mple tames MAD Lions

S1mple had a bad game the other day. What does he do? Goes God mode and absolutely demolishes MAD Lions. The Danes, who have been in fantastic form all year, were the unfortunate victims of s1mple's wrath. I doubt there's a team in the world that could have stopped the Ukranian from dominating on this particular day, so that's no sleight on MAD Lions by any means. How do you deal with 61 kills in 44 rounds, 131 ADR and a 2.11 rating?

FaZe Clan recover versus Ninjas in Pyjamas

FaZe Clan listened! The international squad's candidacy for a top tier team in 2020 took a huge blow a couple of days ago as BIG wiped the floor with Nikola "NiKo" Kovač and co. to push them near elimination. The Bosnian star, just like s1mple, was intent on not bowing out so early though, and tok matters into his own hands vs. Ninjas in Pyjamas.

NiKo surpassed s1mple's kill number, accumulating 66, but he needed three maps to do so. Still impressive nevertheless. On the other side of the server Tim "nawwk" Jonasson was keeping NiP afloat. The 22-year old booked in 20+ kills on all three maps, yet that still wasn't enough for his team. NiP responded well on Mirage after previously losing their own pick Train, but the trademark Inferno drama ended with FaZe celebrating a 16-13 victory.

Today's winners are playing each other tomorrow for a spot in the lower bracket final. BIG are the opponents waiting.

  • Natus Vincere 2 - 0 MAD Lions
  • FaZe Clan 2 - 1 Ninjas in Pyjamas

JUNE 10, 2020

If three-map matches could be boring, this would be it

The second DreamHack Masters Spring Europe playoff day delivered three Bo3 clashes, all of which reached the full format. Yet, somehow they all managed to disappoint. Fnatic and Team Vitality were knocked out of the tournament by MAD Lions and Ninjas in Pyjamas, respectively. In the upper bracket, G2 Esports advanced to the Grand Final and will enjoy a three-day rest before returning to the server on Sunday. BIG Clan join the lower bracket fun.

So, why were these games disappointing? Well, when there are not one or two, but three games that go into a deciding map, you are forgiven for expecting at the very least one of them to involve some tense moments, game-saving or game-winning clutches and some form of drama in general. Nope. We had none of that. We had two instances, yes - two, of a losing team reaching double digit rounds. Vitality did best in that regard with a whopping 11 on the third map vs. NiP. Fnatic just got to 10 before also losing the map and the match to MAD Lions. Hey, at least both happened on the deciding map.

  • Fnatic 1 - 2 MAD Lions
  • Team Vitality 1 - 2 Ninjas in Pyjamas
  • G2 Esports 2 - 1 BIG Clan

JUNE 9, 2020

Lower bracket becoming an all-out war

You wanted upsets, right? Well, you got 'em. By the time this day came to a close, we had both Natus Vincere and FaZe Clan moving down to the lower playoff bracket. Oh, and Astralis got eliminated. Let's begin with that, shall we?

The Danish squad had struggled mightily without gla1ve and Xyp9x - that we made clear already, so it's questionable whether them losing to NiP should be counted as an upset. Regardless of classification, the match was spectacular for the neutrals. Train and Nuke's goal was seemingly to get us to that Overpass decider. Or at least it felt that way once the match entered the deciding map

Overpass turned into its own separate entity. At first, the Ninjas held the upper hand with a comfy 8-2 lead, then it was Astralis' turn to take the wheel - 15-10 and five match points. Clutch after clutch from Simon "twist" Eliasson denied Astralis a heroic victory in regulation. Five in a row for NiP - overtime.

The four-time Major winners had one last opportunity to cross the finish line before their Swedish opponents in OT but as that one passed by as well, the writing was on the wall. The second OT period was not kind to Astralis as all rounds, and the W, went Ninjas in Pyjamas' way.

S1mple had a bad game. As unbelievable as it sounds, it really happened, we swear! The Ukrainian superstar even bottom-fragged on Mirage - the opening map vs. G2 Esports. I dare you to find the last instance that occured. Probably 2013 or something. Most shockingly, Natus Vincere nearly pulled out a win out of that map. G2 needed double overtime to break the CIS resistance 22-19. S1mple improved on map No. 2 but sometimes logic is simply absent from CS:GO and the French walked away with a much easier 16-12 that confirmed their presence in the upper final. Na'Vi are reduced to lower bracket misery.

Speaking of misery, FaZe played today. It's downright amazing how low these boys can go after achieving such heights right beforehand. Granted, FaZe faced the only other team to go 3-0 in the group stage. BIG Clan are no joke at the moment. Still, 16-9; 16-5, really? Really, FaZe? Kudos to BIG for doing their job well, their reward will come tomorrow in the form of G2. FaZe, in the meantime, should use their day off to buckle up their ideas or it will be off with them by the time the weekend arrives.

  • Ninjas in Pyjamas 2 - 1 Astralis
  • Natus Vincere 0 - 2 G2 Esports
  • FaZe Clan 0 - 2 BIG Clan

JUNE 8, 2020

We're back for the playoffs!

The DreamHack Masters Spring Europe playoffs are around the corner and we are ready to cover all of the action for you. Ready? Let's go!

All favorites deliver on first playoff day

Upset lovers would have been left disappointed by the first round of lower bracket playoff games. Three matches were played today and all of them stuck strictly to the bookmakers' predictions.

Complexity Gaming suggested they have some fight in them by scraping a gutsy win on Nuke to level the score with Fnatic at one map apiece. Mirage was no contest, however. The Swedes took care of things in the first half and simply closed the deal in the second - 16-6.

The MAD Lions - Team Spirit matchup presented two identical map experiences. MAD Lions were on the CT-side first on both occasions, amassed 10 rounds by the half on both occasions, and won 16-12 on both occasions. Perfect synergy.

The third and final game of the day saw Heroic take the lead over Team Vitality with a nice 16-10 Mirage win. The Danes' capabilities only got them this far, howerver. Dust2 and Vertigo were all Vitality and the BLAST Premier Spring grand finalists will continue their participation in DreamHack Masters Spring as well.

MAY 31, 2020

DreamHack Masters Spring Europe playoffs

With the DreamHack Masters Spring Europe group stage done, it's time for the real action - the playoffs! We'll have to wait a week for that, however, as the first elimination games don't begin until Monday, June 8.

These are the DreamHack Masters Spring Europe first round playoff pairings:

Upper bracket

G2 Esports - Natus Vincere

BIG Clan - FaZe Clan

Lower bracket

Complexity Gaming - Fnatic

MAD Lions - Team Spirit

Heroic - Team Vitality

Astralis - Ninjas in Pyjamas

We'll see you in a week for the conclusion of this saga and the crowning of the DreamHack Masters Spring Europe champion.

MAY 30, 2020

Meme teams knocked out of DreamHack Masters Spring Europe

Two of the more prominent memes in CS:GO's meme-rich history - GODSENT and ENCE, played theur last games at DreamHack Masters Spring Europe. Both needed a win on the final day of group play to survive and failed at that task. GODSENT came a bit closer, taking the first map vs. Team Spirit, but the thrashing that followed clearly showed which one's the better team on the day.

The closest ENCE got to winning a map against Ninjas in Pyjamas was an overtime loss on Inferno. It was a map ENCE were 8-1 up on while playing on the defense, so it wouldn't be far fetched to claim that they kind of blew this one. Still in with a chance for an upper bracket playoff spot before this match, the Finns are now out of the tournament. Cruel game CS:GO is.

  • Team Spirit 2 - 1 GODSENT
  • Ninjas in Pyjamas 2 - 0 ENCE Esports

MAY 29, 2020

Natus Vincere, Team Vitality lock down playoff spots

With one game left to be played in Group D, the two favorites - Natus Vincere and Team Vitality, have guaranteed themselves a playoff berth. Both squads looked lively on the day and grabbed deserved 2-0 victories against Ninjas in Pyjamas and ENCE Esports, respectively. NiP pushing the second map vs. Na'Vi to the 30th round was the only highlight of the losing teams as they didn't pose much of a threat at all.

These results leave Na'Vi and Vitality at a final 2-1 record but the former hold the head-to-head advantage. ENCE could still enter the conversation for first place in the group, however, if they manage to beat NiP tomorrow. Funny part is, a loss means they'll finish last in Group D.

  • Natus Vincere 2 - 0 Ninjas in Pyjamas
  • Team Vitality 2 - 0 ENCE Esports

MAY 28, 2020

Xyp9x takes leave from Astralis

Andreas “Xyp9x” Højsleth became the second Astralis player in a week to depart the team due to burnout. With two regulars now out, the Danish machine will truly be tested on the DreamHack Masters Spring Europe scene. JUGi's former teammate Marco "Snappi" Pfeiffer has been brought into the squad until Patrick "es3tag" Hansen officially joins on July 1.

ENCE stun Natus Vincere, rocky start for hampus

DreamHack Masters Spring Europe Group D is in full swing now and the standings are beginning to form some shape. ENCE, who played their first game today, couldn't have hoped for a better start as they took the scalp of group favorites Natus Vincere. Their new boy Elias "Jamppi" is already justifying the faith put in him by leading the team in kills and stuff. Oleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev was spectacular as usual, dropping 50 kills over two maps, but that couldn't even secure one of them for Na'Vi - 0-2 on the day and 1-1 record in the group.

Team Vitality will be much happier with their 1-1 record after today. Having lost to Na'Vi the 24 hours earlier, the French pretty much needed a win over Ninjas in Pyjamas. They got it. NiP's own newcomer hampus had a much more difficult time on the server. While he finished second in kills on his team, his number was only 22 as NiP got destroyed 16-7; 16-4. Perhaps the timing of that IGL switch was off after all.

  • Natus Vincere 0 - 2 ENCE Esports
  • Team Vitality 2 - 0 Ninjas in Pyjamas

MAY 27, 2020

FaZe win Group C, Fnatic need outside help to advance

In what is a weird scheduling day, FaZe Clan won Group C before group matches even came to a close. The final game in this group between Team Spirit and GODSENT is not to be played until Saturday, May 30, but with three wins from three matches, FaZe couldn't care less.

Despite now having two teenagers on the squad, FaZe showed great resilience in the clutch second time in a row. After pulling through in a couple of overtimes vs. Spirit yesterday, the international roster once again came out on top, in the end, today vs. Fnatic. There were no OTs this time, but it must have stung Fnatic as if there were. The Swedes were up 14-10 on Dust2 but lost the final six rounds to drop the map completely. Overpass was not much kinder with more last-second drama resulting in a 16-13 FaZe victory. This result leaves Fnatic hanging on the Spirit - GODSENT result. A win for the latter could spell the end for Fnatic at DreamHack Masters Spring Europe.

Natus Vincere on top of Vitality, on top of Group D

As the other Group C game was left over for Saturday, Group D stepped in with a hell of a derby. Natus Vincere took a vital victory on the day. Yep, I went there. Vitality, the other top billed team in the group, did well enough for a single map win, but the war was won by the CIS powerhouse - 2-1.

This loss shouldn't intervene too much with the French's chances in the group with their remaining games against what are on paper inferior opponents in ENCE and Ninjas in Pyjamas. CS:GO has taught us, however, that no game is played on paper.

  • FaZe Clan 2 - 0 Fnatic
  • Natus Vincere 2 - 1 Team Vitality

MAY 26, 2020

Spirit miss out on second win

Team Spirit were this close to beating FaZe Clan and going 2-0 in DreamHack Masters Spring Europe Group B. The CIS team have come prepared to fight. They could have and should have won this game, but some more experience will be needed to close out such games it seems.

The Clan was against the ropes on both Dust2 and Nuke, trailing 9-14 and 10-14, respectively. That is, I must mention, after Spirit had already trounced them 16-7 on Train. Alas, all that effort became dust in the wind as FaZe came back to win in overtime on both maps to lock in a 2-1 victory. Spirit now have it all to do tomorrow against GODSENT.

A GODSENT side that thus far has played the "almost, but not quite" role. After pushing FaZe to three maps on matchday 1, GODSENT did the same today with Fnatic. The international roster can't really complain about luck or anything though. Their only map win came in OT and they got smoked on the Train decider 16-3, so a map is really all they deserved on the day.

Despite being the only winless squad in the group, GODSENT could still advance into the playoffs if they beat Spirit tomorrow.

  • FaZe Clan 2 - 1 Team Spirit
  • Fnatic 2 - 1 GODSENT

MAY 25, 2020

FaZe find olofmeister replacement

FaZe Clan find their new man. After olofmeister announced he would be away from the team for a while, FaZe were hard-pressed to find a stand-in in time for their DreamHack Masters Spring Europe debut. Well, they did. Say hello to 16-year-old Aurimas "Bymas" Pipiras! The youngster will debut today against GODSENT and if he performs well in the coming weeks, who knows?

FaZe, Bymas off to a winning start

At least for a day, the roster change worked just fine. Bymas performed well and his team recorded a victory. The 2-1 win over GODSENT does have an asterisk to it, however, as that squad also went through a roster change immediately before the tournament. Still, a win is a win and FaZe will take it!

ESL Pro League Season 11 champions Fnatic were in for a rude awakening in their tournament opener. Team Spirit dismantled the Swedes 16-3 on Nuke and followed that with a final-round clincher on Inferno to set themselves up for a dream of a group campaign. With the remaining opponents both fielding extremely fresh members, Spirit could very well aim for the top of the group.

  • FaZe Clan 2 - 1 GODSENT
  • Fnatic 0 - 2 Team Spirit

MAY 24, 2020

MAD Lions kick a sorry mousesports out of DreamHack Masters Spring Europe

Given how they played all week, it comes as no shock that mousesports finished in last place in DreamHack Masters Spring Europe Group B. Karrigan and co. couldn't even bring themselves to give MAD Lions a proper fight on the final day. In a must-win match for both sides, the only Danes to show up were those on MAD Lions as they ran over compatriot karrigan and his teammates 16-5; 16-10. This loss leaves mouz in last place with a 0-3 record and out of the tournament. MAD Lions will continue their participation in the playoff lower bracket.

They will be joined by Compexity there. The other international lineup in the group fared much better than mousesports, but still had to bow to BIG's superiority. The best performing German organization at the event, BIG overcame a double OT loss on Mirage with back-to-back 16-11 maps to secure first place and with it - a spot in the upper playoff bracket.

  • mousesports 0 - 2 MAD Lions
  • Complexity Gaming 1 - 2 BIG Clan

Final standings:

Group B

  1. BIG Clan - 9 points
  2. Complexity Gaming - 6 points
  3. MAD Lions - 3 points
  4. mousesports - 0 points

MAY 23, 2020

olofmeister steps down from FaZe... again

Olof "olofmeister" Kajbjer announced that he will be taking a leave of absence from FaZe Clan and Counter-Strike as a whole. The Swede cited fatigue and lack of motivation as key factors for his decision. FaZe are now looking for a replacement with just two days to go until their DreamHack Masters Spring Europe debut.

BIG send mousesports into a deep hole

BIG Clan won the German derby vs. mousesports and by doing so, have pushed mouz halfway out of DreamHack Masters Spring Europe. The first two maps were incredibly tense, with mousesports winning in double OT on Nuke and then losing 14-16 on Vertigo despite an 11-4 halftime lead. That choke must have affected Finn "karrigan" Andersen's men because they got mauled 16-2 on Dust2. This means that BIG are certain for the playoffs with a 2-0 record while mouz are in a need of a final day win to hang on to third place.

That is partly because of Complexity Gaming who are continuing to impress. They followed the first round win vs. mouz with another 2-0, this time over MAD Lions. This leaves the group with a couple of direct third round clashes to end it all - on for the top spot in the group and one for survival.

  • mousesports 1 - 2 BIG Clan
  • MAD Lions 0 - 2 Complexity Gaming

MAY 22, 2020

GODSENT bench Maikelele

GODSENT and Maikelele are going through an ugly divorce. The Swedish AWPer has been benched by the organization and replaced with Asger "Farlig" Jensen, which, unsurprisingly, did not sit well with the player. Maikelele was part of the original No Chance lineup that eventually got signed to GODSENT and expressed his disappointment at being benched publicly, adding that there is more to this than in-game performance.

mousesports hammered in DreamHack Masters Spring Europe opener

The start mousesports had at DreamHack Masters Spring Europe is one they'll want to quickly forget. In a clash of international lineups, mouz were crushed by Complexity Gaming 16-9; 16-8 and have a lot of work ahead if they are going to survive Group B.

In the other game of the day, BIG showed they are not gonna be the pushovers in this group by beating Flashpoint Season 1 champions MAD Lions 2-1. The game was there for the Danes to take as they found themselves 13-11 up on the deciding map. BIG responded very well to the pressure, though, amassing five rounds in a row to escape with what could prove a vital victory.

  • mousesports 0 - 2 Complexity Gaming
  • MAD Lions 1 - 2 BIG Clan

MAY 21, 2020

G2 send Astralis to lower bracket with final-day win

G2, who were very close to elimination just a day ago, have actually managed to win DreamHack Masters Spring Europe Group A. The French narrowly escaped in a third map overtime vs. Heroic yesterday, but totally outclassed Astralis on matchday 3 and won the game in two maps.

Astralis are admittedly underhanded at this event as in-game leader gla1ve is away from the team. His replacement JUGi is not having the time of his life thus far and the new recruit bottom-fragged for the third time in as many games. This 16-13; 16-7 loss means the Danes slipped down to second in the final standings and will enter the playoffs in the lower bracket, with G2 climbing above them.

Speaking of Danes, that's all we could see in the other Group A match. Heroic took on North in a winner takes all clash. In the end, it wasn't much of a ckash, but rather a vicious beatdown. The good impressions Heroic have been making all tournament long finally paid off with a debut win at DreamHack Masters Spring Europe. It was a convincing one, too - 16-9; 16-4, leaving North with a lot of questions to be answered.

  • Astralis 0 - 2 G2 Esports
  • North 0 - 2 Heroic

Final standings:

Group A

  1. G2 Esports - 6 points
  2. Astralis - 6 points
  3. Heroic - 3 points
  4. North - 3 points

MAY 20, 2020

Ninjas in Pyjamas change in-game leader

Ninjas in Pyjamas move in-game leader Jonas "Lekr0" Olofsson to the bench. Hampus "hampus" Poser joins NiP from GamerLegion to take over IGL duties. The new lineup is set for a DreamHack Masters Spring Europe debut on May 28 vs. Team Vitality.

G2 survive in overtime vs. Heroic

The sole none-Danish presence in Group A - G2, narrowly escaped going down to an 0-2 record. Heroic put up a performance very suiting to their name and can seriously regret not coming away with anything from this match. All three maps were extremely close encounters, with the decider - Mirage, going to overtime. The three missed match points in regulation proved costly for Heroic as G2 won the coveted four rounds in OT to clinch a massive 19-17 victory that leaves them with a realistic shot at advancing.

In the other game of the day, Astralis quickly dealt with North - 16-4; 16-8, to take firm control of the group with a 2-0 record. With all teams still in with a legitimate shot at advancing, the final matchups of Astralis - G2 and North - Heroic are going to decide who is staying and who is going home.

  • Astralis 2 - 0 North
  • G2 Esports 2 - 1 Heroic

MAY 19, 2020

JUGi steps into Astralis lineup

Astralis announce Lukas “gla1ve” Rossander will miss the entirety of DreamHack Masters Spring due to health concerns. Jakob “JUGi” Hansen will step into the starting lineup in his place.

Strong Danish showing on Day 1

Astralis coped well in their first game without gla1ve. Even if JUGi himself didn't have a great day, his teammates bailed him out with all-around stellar performances in a 2-0 win over Heroic.

Denmark had a double occasion to celebrate on May 19 with North pulling off the upset versus the only non-Danish squad in Group A - G2. The French lost in the final round of the final map, which puts them in an uncomfortable position right from the start.

  • Astralis 2 – 0 Heroic
  • G2 Esports 1 – 2 North

G2 could make up for their first-day loss as early as the next day as they take on group outsiders Heroic. Another defeat could potentially seal their fate with Astralis waiting in the third round. North, meanwhile, will attempt to replicate their heroics, no pun intended, from the G2 match when they face Astralis.

DreamHack Masters Spring Europe group stage

The first games of the tournament will be played on Tuesday, May 19. In group A, which is dominated by three Danish squads, two of them – Astralis and Heroic, will battle each other, while the third – North, will try to deal damage to the French at G2 Esports.

MAY 18, 2020

What is DreamHack Masters Spring?

DreamHack Masters Spring is one of the biggest tournaments of the 2020 CS:GO calendar. It will go on for nearly a month in four separate regions – Europe, North America, Asia, and Oceania. It is part of the ESL Pro Tour, although, just like with the prize pool, points are spread out differently across regions.

The money and ESL Pro Tour points are allocated as follows:


  1. $54,000/400 points
  2. $28,000/265 points
  3. $20,000/190 points
  4. $16,000/130 points
  5. $10,000/85 points
  6. $10,000/85 points
  7. $5,000/65 points
  8. $5,000/65 points
  9. $3,000/45 points
  10. $3,000/45 points
  11. $3,000/45 points
  12. $3,000/45 points
  13. $0/0 points
  14. $0/0 points
  15. $0/0 points
  16. $0/0 points

North America

  1. $40,000/320 points
  2. $20,000/190 points
  3. $15,000/130 points
  4. $10,000/85 points
  5. $5,000/55 points
  6. $5,000/55 points
  7. $2,500/0 points
  8. $2,500/0 points


  1. $10,000/185 points
  2. $5,000/85 points
  3. $3,000/45 points
  4. $2,000/0 points


  1. $10,000/185 points
  2. $5,000/85 points
  3. $3,000/45 points
  4. $2,000/0 points

DreamHack Masters Spring Europe

There are sixteen teams competing for the DreamHack Masters Spring Europe crown. They are distributed in four round-robin groups with four teams each. All group games are played in a Bo3 format. Last-placed teams are eliminated, second and third-placed teams advance to the lower bracket of the playoffs, group winners proceed to the upper bracket.

Ynk faze

Coach YNk will hope his FaZe squad can reach their first final of 2020 at DreamHack Masters Spring. (Image credit: YNk via Twitter

The DreamHack Masters Spring Europe groups are:

Group A

  1. G2 Esports - 6 points
  2. Astralis - 6 points
  3. Heroic - 3 points
  4. North - 3 points

Group B

  1. BIG Clan - 9 points
  2. Complexity Gaming - 6 points
  3. MAD Lions - 3 points
  4. mousesports - 0 points

Group C

  1. FaZe Clan - 9 points
  2. Team Spirit - 6 points
  3. Fnatic - 3 points
  4. GODSENT - 0 points

Group D

  1. Natus Vincere - 6 points
  2. Team Vitality - 6 points
  3. Ninjas in Pyjamas - 3 points
  4. ENCE Esports - 3 points

Group standings will be updated live until May 30, when the group stage concludes. There will be a one-week break afterwards before DreamHack Masters Spring Europe returns for the playoff stage on June 8.

Stay tuned for constant DreamHack Masters Spring Europe updates in this article!

Don't forget to check out our live DreamHack Masters Spring 2020 North America Coverage Hub.

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