The Perfect Title for Doc´s Book

DrDisrespect Releases Book: Violence, Speed, Momentum

DrDisrespect Book Cover

The memoirs of streaming. If he writes the way he talks, we gonna buy that piece! (Image credit: DrDisrespect via Twitter)

Violence. Speed. Momentum. That´s the title of DrDisrespect´s first book. After a long time waiting for him to come back, the Doc is finally streaming again – this time on YouTube. Apparently, he spent the hiatus efficiently, since the pre-orders for his memoirs popped outta nowhere on August 17.

Those who know the doctor can sense the sarcasm floating around him all the time. The description of his book is no exception to this. I mean, get a load of this:

DrDisrespect via Twitter

„Take a look, baby – I´m on top of the mountain and only halfway up“ – DrDisrespect

The Doc´s announcement should track some attention to his book. He continues:

To much power. Wow. To much energy. Wow. To much excitement. Wow. These are the new memoires of the biggest star in gaming: DrDisrespect.

Oh Doc, humble as always! After his big comeback, he must feel like an exploding volcano of empowerment and self-esteem. If the writing style comes close to his streams, we can assure you: it´s worth taking a look, baby! Here you´ll find additional information about the pre-order and price.

What are your thoughts on DrDisrespect's new lyrical career path? Do you want to find out more about his story or do you want him to be a streamer only? Share your opinion with us on Facebook and Twitter!


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