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Dragon Ball FighterZ Roadmap Show to Reveal New Updates, New Content and Competitions!


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Dragon Ball FighterZ Updates Incoming! There haven't been any news on Dragon Ball FighterZ since we got Ultra Instinct Goku on May 22nd, but now Bandai Namco and Arc System Works have announced a Roadmap Show for August 16th at 1 PM CT! We will get news on upcoming DBFZ competitions in 2020, news on game updates and a new exclusive DBFZ Trailer! Good times for Dragon Ball FighterZ fans! Will we get news on the third character set to release for the season 3 DLC? Probably. Will we get news on a sequel, on DBFZ 2? Possibly. Will they announce online tournaments similar to what Soul Calibur and Tekken are doing? Maybe.

We're excited for this and look forward to it and we believe the FGC deserves a happy moment.

Also: Are you Team Vegeta or Team Goku? Let the battle begin.

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