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The Doc has developer skills!

Dr DisRespect: The Map “The Arena” for Rogue Company Is Ready!

DrDisrespects "The Arena" for Rogue Company
Rogue Company should offer DrDisrespect a job - Fancy, fancy! (Image credit: Dr DisRespect via Twitter)

The greatest comebacker of all time. Streamer, writer, husband, professional shooter and... map designer!? What else can DrDisrespect do? Take a look at his map "The Arena" for Rogue Company.

The great news about Dr DisRespect just doesn't stop. Not only does he now stream daily on YouTube again. No, he wrote a book on the side and developed a map for Rogue Company. Roughly a week ago, Dr DisRespect offered to create a map for one of his favorite games - Rogue Company. The developers gave him 24 hours to do so and the Doc actually did it.

In fact, the developers liked the result so much that Rogue Company provided Dr Disrespect with all the necessary resources to make the concept a reality.

The layout has three landing zones at both ends, which resemble the game's Skyfell map. And as we know Doc, the map design will carry some of his trademarks. Because as Dr Disrespect says:

"Violence, speed, momentum

Now we can finally see the end results. We present to you: The Arena!

The design reminds us a bit of a small shopping mall in sunny Florida, don't you think? But overall, we think The Arena is remarkably successful. Even if it's only a rough design so far, we can already see many good angles and coverages.

What do you think about the map? Did you already have the chance to play Rogue Company? We've been playing for a few hours now and it's certainly a lot of fun! We can't wait to see the map from DrDisrespect. It's a cool partnership that could go a long way. Which version of the doc suits him better? Should he continue to design maps, or do you think it's better that he focuses on streaming? Share your opinion on our Facebook or Twitter!

Stay tuned for more news around Dr DisRespect and check back EarlyGame for everything gaming and esports.