What's the doc trying to tell us with that teaser video?

Dr DisRespect: The Big Comeback Video – Is YouTube the Next Step?

Dr DisRespect in Teaser Video

Image credit: Dr DisRespect via Twitter

Just yesterday Herschel Beahm, aka Dr DisRespect, broke his silence. Now, a teaser video has surfaced on the doc's Twitter account. What is it all about?

Is the mystery over? DrDisrespect appears back and announces it with a teaser video. What the video shows and why it points to his comeback is revealed here.

Dr DisRespect goes to Youtube

As we already know, the Doc won't be coming back to Twitch. The platform banned him permanently and, according to him, did not even tell him the exact reason for this, so there's nothing keeping him there anymore. In the last days and weeks, the community around DrDisrespect has been speculating if the rumors about criminal activities might be true or if the Doc is just playing with us and was banned due to a deal with Twitch competitor Youtube.

The latter seems increasingly likely. Everyone who has seen DrDisrespect knows: the man is a showman and showmaster. In the teaser video, Beahm has his back to us. The music in the background plays the text:

"It´s out of my hand, but I´m still in control".

A look into the red future

I see. So the Doc is still in control of the situation? Shame who's been thinking otherwise lately. The second indication of a spillover to YouTube is the lighting. Yes, that's right: the showmaster likes to play with us and he looks in the video into the light, into the RED light and to a Ferrari in... red! We assume that DrDisrespect hides another message here, because which streaming service has a red logo?

Dr DisRespect Twitter

Image credit : Dr DisRespect via Twitter

The last "clue" is the Twitter profile of DrDisrespect itself. There he has meanwhile added a stream link to Youtube. We very much hope that the show will end with a big bang on the platform and we are sure there will be that bang - and soon.

The community is sure and hyped into space. Everyone wants the doc back and is sure: The comeback will be even bigger than the first one! After his first break DrDisrespect already had 380.000 spectators. This time the community is expecting half a million. But not on Twitch this time.

Stay tuned for more updates on Dr DisRespect. For everything gaming and esports check out EarlyGame as well as the EarlyGame Youtube channel.

Tasho Tashev