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Double XP weekend coming alongside new Call of Duty playlist update

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Co D Lumbertactical Bundle

This playlist update brings us some old and some new bundles. (Image credit: Activision)

The weekly Call of Duty: Modern Warfare playlist update is live. With only one week left before Season 4 starts, the update doesn't bring too much new stuff - some new playlists for the Modern Warfare multiplayer and new bundles for the Store.


This Call of Duty update brings back two old bundles: The Plunder Pack and the Ronin Operator Bundle. The Ronin Bundle gives you access to the Operator as usual and the Plunder Pack offers nice golden vehicle skins for the Battle Royale mode Warzone. If you've always wanted to cruise through Verdansk in a pimp cart, you can do so now.

There are two new bundles after all – the Purple Tracer Pack and the Lumber Tactical Pack. The Tracer Pack contains two chic purple weapon blueprints for the Gray 5.56 and the MP7, as well as a knife skin, a weapon pendant, and a calling card. As the name suggests, it also adds purple tracer ammo for the two weapons.

The Lumber Tactical Pack contains a new skin for operator RAINES – kind of hipster, kind of cool. You also get an axe as a melee weapon and weapon blueprints for the 725 and the M91. It's rounded off with a new enforcer move, a new taunt, a weapon charm, a calling card, and an emblem - all related to RAINES.


In Warzone, both the Battle Royale Trios Classic mode and Loot Money Trios have been removed. Loot money quads were added instead. The new multiplayer playlists are:

  • Gun Game on gunfight maps
  • Deathmatch Domination
  • Drop Zone
  • Shoot House 24/7
  • Shipment 24/7

Gun Game can now be played on the small gunfight maps, which should provide a lot of action. Action is also provided by the new Deathmatch Domination, in which you collect points by killing and holding targets. In Drop Zone, you get series of kills by holding targets - so let's get ready for a lot of helicopters, cruise missiles, drones, etc.

Last but not least, our favorite playlists - Shipment 24/7 and Shoot House 24/7, where you'll find pure chaos in a small space as usual.

Co D Shipment

Shipment is back, baby! (Image credit: Activision)

Double XP weekend

At the end of Season 3 there will be a Double XP weekend. From May 29 to June 1, you will collect double experience points for everything you do in all modes, including Warzone. In combination with the two 24/7 playlists, it's perfect to quickly grind the Battle Pass before Season 4 starts.

There has been a lot of record breaking going on in Warzone recently. Git gud and you might be the next one to ink his name into the record books.

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