Evil Geniuses and OG.Seed will battle it out today for a chance to take on Fnatic

DOTA Summit 12 Fnatic in the grand finals, Liquid out

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DOTA Summit 12 Abed EG

Abed from Evil Geniuses (Image credit: Beyond the Summit)

The first day of the DOTA Summit 12 playoffs came to an end and the third team to leave the event turned out to be Team Liquid. In the meantime, Fnatic secured a spot in the grand finals and patiently await their final opponent.

A total of three series were played in day one of the DOTA Summit 12 playoffs. In the opening series, Evil Geniuses defeated OG.Seed with a 2:0, while Fnatic knocked Team Liquid to the lower bracket also with a 2:0. As a result, EG and Fnatic met in the winner’s finals where Evil Geniuses took the lead by winning the first match. Fnatic pulled out a reverse sweep and finished the series with 2:1 in their favor.

The SEA squad earned their way to the top as they became the first team to qualify for the grand finals of the event.

In the lower bracket, it was Team Liquid versus OG.Seed. The first game was a total stomp as OG.Seed ended it with a final score of 37 to 7. Match two was a bit more contested as Liquid had the upper hand from the 20-minute mark onward. Sadly their Naga Siren didn’t pay off as Omar Mohammad "Madara" Dabachach’s Faceless Void completely dominated team fights. After 44 minutes the game came to its logical conclusion and OG.Seed were the victors.

Team Liquid were on the verge of getting eliminated just a day before as they fought for their lives in the decider series against Thunder Predator. Yesterday their run came to an end as they became the third team to leave the event. OG.Seed continue further to meet Evil Geniuses in the second round of the lower bracket.

DOTA Summit 12 will continue with the two final series – the lower bracket finals and the grand finals. Will it be EG or OG.Seed to face Fnatic in the grand finals and who’ll take the winners trophy are all questions which shall be answered in a manner of hours later today. So far from what we’ve seen in the tournament, Fnatic seem to be the best team at the moment. Don’t miss the live broadcast on Beyond the Summit’s official Twitch. The action will commence at 17:00 CET.

Since the ESL One Los Angeles Dota 2 Major was postponed due to the coronavirus, this might be one of the last LAN events we see for at least a month.

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