Only four teams remain at the DOTA Summit 12. Who do you think will make it to the end?

DOTA Summit 12 enters playoffs

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The group stage of DOTA Summit 12 is behind us and two teams were already eliminated from the event. The remaining four will battle it out in the playoffs starting today.

Down to four

Two teams are no longer competing in DOTA Summit 12, those are – Thunder Predator and Cloud9. TP surprised a lot of fans with their performance as the South American squad managed to hold their ground against the likes of Fnatic, Team Liquid and OG.Seed. All of those series ended in a draw and the only loss Thunder Predator suffered was against Evil Geniuses. When it comes to points Predator are actually equal to Team Liquid, but the latter won a tiebreaker and thus they remained in the event. Overall it was a good event for the Peruvian team and we can’t wait to see them in another event. Sadly it won’t be as soon as we thought initially as the ESL One LA Major which was set to start March 15, got postponed due to the coronavirus.

Cloud9 were the second team to bid farewell and for good reason. They turned out to be the punching bag of the tournament as every other team defeated them with 2:0. Cloud9 finished the group stage with a final score of 0 points, which is usually a hard scenario to imagine. In their defense the team was assembled a little over a week ago and things will probably get better. On the other hand, we might see a disband or some serious roster changes. Jacky “EternalEnvy” Mao left his Fighting PandaS in order to play for Cloud9 and currently it doesn’t look like it was worth it. In the meantime, PandaS were signed by CR4ZY and finished 5th-6th in the recent StarLadder Minor.

The survivors

Fnatic remained on top as they scored a draw in all three series of day 2. OG.Seed shared the first place with Fnatic also standing at 7 points. Evil Geniuses come right after with 6. In the second day the blue team lost 0:2 to Liquid, which was a bit surprising. This victory allowed Liquid to continue their journey in the event as the fourth and final team to join the playoffs.

DOTA Summit 12 continues today with the opening series between OG.Seed and Evil Geniuses, followed by Fnatic versus Team Liquid. After that, we’ll see the upper bracket finals and find out which team will be the first to make it to the grand finals. Round one of the lower bracket will also be played out today and another team will leave the event, dropping the number to three. Friday 13th will be the final day of the event which will give us the lower bracket finals and the grand finals.

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