Vietnamese Dota 2 Legend Lis Passes Away

Legendary Dota 2 player Nguyen Minh "Lis" Nhan passed away and left a huge void in the Vietnamese community. Details surrounding his death were revealed by close friend and 496 Gaming coach Huỳnh Hữu "Magical" Nghĩa.

The death of Vietnamese Dota 2 player Nguyen Minh "Lis" Nhan came as a surprise for many as he passed away at the age of 32 on the evening of January 11. Just a week ago he was still streaming but coughing quite a lot while doing so. 496 Gaming coach Huynh “Magical” Huu Nghia confirmed that the cause of death was pneumonia.

Reportedly, his complications weren’t related to COVID-19 as Vietnam has very few cases of the new virus. In addition, Lis was seen streaming during treatment days, something which wouldn’t be possible if it was the novel coronavirus.

Most notably Lis played for the Vietnamese team Aces which was one of the best in the country along with Imba Gaming. Back then he went under the name “Secret”. His signature hero was no other than Io and he wrecked enemy teams with it. Not banning the glowing wisp was perhaps the biggest mistake opponents could make. Lis won many trophies during his career including a bronze medal at the MPGL 2014.

Aces Gaming Dota 2
Aces Gaming with Lis in the middle. (Credit: Aces Gaming)

After putting an end to his competitive career in 2015, Lis started streaming and even became an official streamer for 496 Gaming. The latter is one of the best teams in not just Vietnam but also the region. Most recently they qualified for the DPC 2021 Upper Division so we'll be seeing more of them in the coming month. 496 Gaming coach Huynh “Magical” Huu Nghia who is a close friend of Lis was the one to reveal more details surrounding his death.

Lis loved Dota 2 and his dedication for the game remained even years later as he was often seen streaming for 3-10 hours. While he was no longer in top form or in the competitive scene, Lis was still often seen beating high MMR players with his stack.

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