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The Most Annoying Dota 2 Heroes to Play Against

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Only one can take first place. (Image credit: Valve Corporation)

You start searching for a game of Dota 2 and you find one only to realize that you have to play against one of these heroes. Here’s our take on some of the most annoying Dota 2 heroes out there.

Dota 2 has some annoying heroes and we’re here to present you with some of the worst offenders. Maybe you've encountered them and know the pain. So, without further ado, let’s dig into it.


Dota 2 puck

Puck's playful nature is perfectly reflected in his kit. (Image credit: Valve Corporation)

Everyone’s favorite faerie dragon take a spot on our list. Why? Well, you probably know. Puck’s elusive as hell, probably the hardest hero to lock down. With access to a disjoint every 6 seconds, projectiles are useless.

Puck’s arsenal also includes area-of-effect damage, silence and a leash. The latter is insanely long and pierces spell immunity with Aghanim’s Scepter. This makes the hero quite annoying to play against. Last but not least, Puck can climb to higher ground or drop from it with both his orb and Waning Rift. The usual item build also includes Eul’s, just to make it harder.


Dota 2 viper

The color green has never been so toxic. (Image credit: Valve Corporation)

Viper has low movement speed, a low mana pool and no burst damage, so why is he annoying? The short answer is: poison. The long answer includes not picking up creep aggro with his Poison Attack. Viper will make your life a living hell during the laning stage and returning fire isn’t a good idea in most cases.

The best way to deal with him is to ask for a gank. Even if you manage to stomp him on lane, he’s still not out thanks to his Nethertoxin which can farm stacks with ease. Speaking of Nethertoxin, it has a built-in break that completely messes with heroes like Huskar, Monkey King and others that rely on a passive.


Slark dota 2

Slark's probably not fun at parties. (Image credit: Valve Corporation)

A few years back, Slark was without a doubt the most annoying hero in the game. He was in every match, hunting those sweet, sweet supports. Nowadays, he’s not such a popular pick but he’s still quite hard to deal with. The main factor is his Dark Pact which applies a Strong Dispel after a short delay.

This makes it hard to decide whether you should wait for him to use it and risk dying or waste your crowd control. Once Slark’s Level 6, bullying him out of lane is impossible. He can also detect the approximate position of wards thanks to the way Shadow Dance works. Essence Shift makes him a dangerous foe to any melee heroes and Pounce is a nightmare for Storms and Anti-Mages.

Phantom Lancer

Phantom lancer dota 2

The Illusionist is here. (Image credit: Valve Corporation)

I hope you like illusions and getting pocket money for your efforts to destroy them. That’s exactly what you’ll get against Phantom Lancer. He’s okay early on as his only way to juke is with Doppelganger but things get worse once he hits Level 6 and later on.

If you have no area-of-effect damage on your team and PL knows what he’s doing, the game is basically lost. His Level 25 talent that reduces Doppelganger cooldown paired with the old Heart of Tarrasque was nightmare fuel. Thankfully both were nerfed in time.


Windranger arcana

What do you think of gingers? (Image credit: Valve Corporation)

If you’re not playing a spellcaster, then you’re going to love Windranger. And by "love", I mean totally despise. With access to 100% evasion on Level 1, any auto-attacks are useless when trying to trade.

The only decent counter that doesn’t require you to buy an MKB is dispel. Then again, the number of heroes with an offensive dispel early on is limited (Invoker, Oracle, Enchantress). Once Windranger gets MKB, it spells certain death for any hero on the map. With the latest nerfs to the item in the Mistwoods Update, that might no longer be the case but she’s still an offender.

Void Spirit

Dota 2 void spirit

He came from the void to annoy you. (Image credit: Valve Corporation)

Void Spirit arrived a year ago and has seen numerous nerfs for that period. Wonder why? He’s just hard to catch, that’s his thing – that, and burst damage. With Dissimilate, he can juke any incoming projectile, while Nether Step allows him to move through any terrain.

All of his cooldowns are on the low side, so it’s hard to catch him without any spell off cooldown. Maybe he’s not as bad as some of the others on the list but he still deserves it.

Storm Spirit

Storm spirit dota 2

Storm "Zip here zap there, you'll never catch him until he's out of mana" Spirit. (Image credit: Valve Corporation)

Void's bluer brother, Storm Spirit is especially annoying the longer the game goes on. Once you enter the late lane stages, Ball Lightning is really something.

Combined with the Remnant talent at Level 25, Storm can defend the base all by himself. It’s really that simple and quite annoying. How do you lock down a hero that you can’t even target?


Oracle sagas of the cymurrin sage

Oracle will prevent you from getting kills. (Image credit: Valve Corporation)

It’s time for a support to enter this list and what better choice than Oracle! All of his spells are annoying. Fortune’s end dispels debuffs from allies and buffs from enemies while also applying a root. Fate’s Edict gives the target 100% magic resistance and disarms them. It’s perfect for countering heavy magic burst with the push of a button.

Purifying Flames deals a burst of damage and then heals for a similar amount. The Flames are on such a low cooldown that you can often burst enemies in the laning stage and kill them. Then there’s the ultimate. False Promise will lock an allied hero’s health and prevent them from dying. Oracle is always there when you’re trying to kill the enemy carry and he’s laughing.


Dota 2 techies loading screen

Watch where you step, all the time. (Image credit: Valve Corporation)

The king of the list is here. While the previous entries were in no particular order, Techies takes the first spot, no doubt about it. The mere existence of this hero baffles a lot of players. Once he’s picked, the whole game changes to Minesweeper and buying sentries.

Should you push that tower alone or will you explode? Are there mines on the high ground? Who knows? Maybe.


Techies awaiting someone to go boom.

In theory, Techies is easily countered but a good player will find ways to blow you up. Sometimes, it’ll be his Pudge teammate hooking you into the mines. In other cases, it’ll be Tiny or just a Force Staff. To top it all, his Level 25 talent allows the mines to move and that can lead to some hilarious (not that much if you’re on the losing side) situations.

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