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The Dota Pro Circuit 2021 EXPLAINED!

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Dota 2 will turn eight years old in 2021. Even before the game’s official release in 2013, there were still plenty of tournaments that were held. Among the latter were even two iterations of The International. Back then it wasn’t as massive and record-breaking as it is now.

Over the years the Dota 2 competitive scene evolved significantly. Up until recently, pro players had to make their way to Minor tournaments which then led to Majors. Each of those rewarded teams with a certain amount of Dota Pro Circuit points depending on their placement. In 2020 Valve changed the rules as they announced the complete removal of Minors by replacing them with regional leagues.

The leagues in question introduce two divisions – Upper and Lower. The top teams in the lower division will get a chance to climb up and exchange places with the bottom two from the upper division. In addition, the number of Major tournaments was brought down to two per year. Majors will follow the end of a league and feature the best teams from each region. After the end of the second Major, you can expect The International with plenty of time between the two for third party events. Open qualifiers for TI are no longer a thing and if that was the case 2 years ago OG’d have never taken the trophy.

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