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The team received an automatic loss for their actions.

Team Plasma Suspended by BTS Over a Toxic Post

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Dota Summit 13 Plasma
Image Credit: BTS/Plasma1337x

Team Plasma1337x was suspended in their series against beastcoast in DOTA Summit 13 over toxic social media posts. Find out what got them into trouble.

The DOTA Summit 13 is currently underway in the Americas and SEA regions while Europe is set to kick off after the conclusion of ESL One Germany 2020. In the meantime, we’ve already seen plenty of action in the two regions. One team in the Americas stood and got suspended for unsportsmanlike behavior in the BTS event.

Team Plasma Suspended in DOTA Summit 13

Team Plasma1337x were one of the teams that made it to the big Dota 2 event through open qualifiers. So far they’ve lost to 4 Zoomers, Quincy Crew and Team Brasil. Their fourth series was set to be against the South American beastcoast but it never came to be as Plasma got suspended. As a result, the victory went automatically to beastocast.

The reason for the suspension was a social media post that didn’t go unnoticed by the organizers of the event – Beyond The Summit. While the account and the post were deleted someone made sure to take a picture of it. Nothing’s ever gone on the internet!

Plasma bts beastcoast twitter
Image credit: Plasma1337x via Twitter

The reaction from BTS was on point as there’s a fine line between banter and straight-up insults.

Even the players on team Plasma declared that they’re no longer associated with the org and going forward they’ll play known as No Pangolier.

The team’s suspension was only for the single series against beastcoast so they’ll continue to compete in DOTA Summit 13. Their next rival is catJAMMERS, a team made by the ex-roster of CR4ZY. They’re currently the leaders in the group stage but they’ve also played the most series so far. Plasma aka No Pangolier still has five series coming up so, despite that fact they’re currently at four losses, they still have a chance to survive the groups.

More games are coming up so don’t miss the live stream on the official BTS Twitch channel.

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