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Another case of match-fixing!

Team Assault Disqualified From the DPC 2021, Aristotle Make the Cut

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DPC 2021 Team Assault
Mere days remain before the official start of the regional leagues! (Credit: Valve)

The teams for the Dota Pro Circuit 2021 are all set... or are they? Team Assault was just disqualified from the SEA Lower Division due to account sharing.

The qualifiers for the Dota Pro Circuit 2021 came to an end, and we have a good idea of which teams made it to the first season. Unfortunately, some last-minute changes were made, and it’s exactly what you expected...

Team Assault disqualified

Team Assault initially earned a spot in the Lower Division of SEA but today PGL announced they’re disqualified and their slot is taken by Army Geniuses. Why? The official reason given is “account sharing”.

So who was sharing an account? According to rumors Assault actually consisted of Newbee players, who were officially banned by Valve from all events just a week ago. Whether that’s just a rumor remains unclear.

Team MagMa’s mid laner banned

In the meantime, a player from the Chinese team MagMa was banned from the DPC 2021 due to match-fixing. The player in question is Chen "zc" Xiaofeng. According to a Weibo post by Chen “Zhou” Yao, Xiaofeng was involved in match-fixing while he was on Team Ocean.

The remaining four players on
Team MagMa are still allowed to compete. All they’ll have to do is find a substitute player.

DeMoN’s team made the cut

Another team that was left without a fifth player was Aristotle. That was a result of Beyond the Summit’s decision to ban Jimmy “DeMoN” Ho due to previous allegations.

Aristotle found a substitute for the final match in the NA qualifiers and defeated Team DogChamp which earned them a spot in the Upper Division of the region.

Will the number of bans surrounding the Dota Pro Circuit keep growing? There are only a few days remaining before the league's kick-off, so let's hope the drama will simmer down by then.

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