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How to Play Among Us in Dota 2

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With the ongoing popularity of Among Us it’s no shock that the game got a custom map in Dota 2. That’s right, you can play Among Us in Dota 2 and here’s how.

The popularity of Among Us skyrocketed in 2020. Was it due to the fact it was popularized by streamers or because of the quarantine? We may never know. What’s clear though is that the game is still alive and kicking with plenty of active players and memes. Despite losing ~50k players in the past 30 days, there are still over 100,000 active players.

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There has been a decrease in players lately. (Image Credit: Steamcharts)

A lot of people tend to jump from one game to a fun match of Among Us. What if you could just play your favorite party game in Dota 2? Well, you can.

Video credit: Youtube - AdmiralBulldog

Among Us in Dota 2

Among Us has been in the Dota 2 arcade for over a month now and it’s still technically in beta. You can choose between Russian/English but to be fair that really doesn’t seem to matter as pinging and chat are also available and the tasks are quite easy to get. You also don’t need a dedicated program for voice chat as you can just use the one in the Dota 2 client.

Currently, the Among Us map in Dota 2 is an exact copy of the Skeld map in the original game. You pick your hero model which serves as color. Once again you walk around doing tasks as a civilian or killing people as an impostor.

Dota 2 craft item

Some tasks will test your Dota 2 knowledge. (Image credit: Valve Corporation)

What’s different?

It uses the Dota 2 client, so it might be a bit easier to get a party of 10. Some of the tasks like shooting asteroids are an exact copy of the original. Others add some Dota 2 flair to the map.

Dota 2 among us catch sphere

Image credit: Valve Corporation

So far the custom map has been downloaded over 200,000 times but the number of active players is often just a couple of hundred. Still, it’s a decent choice and we recommend you try it out at least once. Whether it’ll be with friends or complete strangers is up to you.

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