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Get Your Own Voice Line, Emote or Spray in Dota 2 With the Arkosh Community Contest

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Arkosh Gaming Community Contest
Submit your emote, spray or voice line! (Credit: Arkosh Gaming)

The Dota Pro Circuit 2021 is in full swing and we're getting Dota 2 action every day. Arkosh Gaming might be in the Lower Division of the NA region but they're already a step ahead of everyone else. You can now submit your idea for an emote, a spray, or a voice line and get it into the game!

Two weeks ago, Valve released a Dota 2 blog post about the now ongoing Winter Circuit aka the first season of the Dota Pro Circuit 2021. With it came an update that reworked the "watch" tab in the in-game client by adding teams and their current stats. What was even more interesting was the hint that players will soon be able to support their favorite teams by purchasing specific content made by the teams themselves:

If you’ve been following professional Dota for a while you’ll know we’ve explored a few ways for you to cheer on your favorite teams. In the coming weeks you’ll be able to back your favorites by purchasing content packages featuring in-game effects, sprays, emotes, loading screens and (of course) chat-wheel lines from your favorite teams. This content is coming straight from the teams themselves and they are submitting some great stuff for you to equip across your account.

We're not sure those pics from the Twitter post will make it to Dota 2. It seems like Arkosh Gaming are already done with their content but they're scraping off a few ideas to let their fans add some spice. According to Jake "SirActionSlacks" Kanner who's basically the voice of the mysterious team, fans will be able to submit their creations directly on Reddit.

Ever dreamed of having your own voiceline or spray idea in Dota 2? Well now you can! Announcing Arkosh Gaming's community fanbundle contest! from DotA2

That's right, all you have to do is visit the thread above and submit your idea for a voice line, a spray, or an emote. There are only a few rules:

To enter the competition, simply come up with an idea for 1 of the three categories and post it here. Our artists will turn THE WINNERS idea into a reality and officially send your idea to Valve to see if they put it in the game! The winners will be based on upvotes in this thread and ideas posted on our discord, then filtered by the team.

ALL IDEAS must be LOOSELY affiliated with ARKOSH GAMING in some way. However, as long as it features dota heros or dota memes it should be ok. Below is a refresher on the team!

Last but not least, the winners will not only get their content into the game but also receive additional prizes. While Arkosh Gaming have caused some major controversy in the competitive scene we can't avoid giving them praise for their initiative. It'll be nice to see other teams follow in their footsteps and before we know it, Dota 2 will be full of user-generated content that you'll be able to purchase and support your favorite team.

Will you submit your idea? Have you already? Tell us on Facebook or Discord!

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