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You heard that right.

Sexist? Dota 2 Fans Demand to See More of Female Caster's Legs

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DPC Organizers Remove Table Leg So Viewers Can See a Caster’s Legs
China's first season of the DPC will conclude next week! (Credit: Perfect World via Twitter)

DPC Organizers Perfect World removed a table leg due to viewer requests. Why? So a female caster's legs can be on display for everyone.

The Dota Pro Circuit 2021 is underway, but five out of the six regions have already completed the regional leagues. The only region left is China, which skipped two weeks because of the Lunar New Year celebrations. The DPC league there is set to conclude on March 13. There's still plenty going on, and it's not just in-game.

They say that humor is subjective, and we might never get to the bottom of this one: Viewers of the Dota Pro Circuit in China have asked for a table leg to be removed in order to better see a caster's legs. Well... wouldn't you know it: The organizers of the event, Perfect World, complied and removed the table leg. You can see the results for yourself:

Dota 2 table leg caster legs reddit
Before and after. (Credit: Reddit)

According to the post below, viewers were dissatisfied with the table legs which prevented them from having a better experience. One of them even made a post about it on Reddit and most of the reactions have been quite negative about the whole situation. Some people from the Dota 2 community called it sexist and unacceptable while others claimed that it's just a joke that got dragged for too long.

DPC China table legs Perfect World
Perfect World even made an official post about it. (Credit: Perfect World via Weibo/ Reddit)

Others defended the organizer by saying that it's simply a different culture. Whether the situation will escalate remains to be seen, but we highly doubt it. After all, there's one major factor: It's in China and not in the West. What are your thoughts on the matter? Drop us a line on Facebook or Twitter!

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