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China will be skipping Week 4!

DPC 2021 Week 3 Results

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DPC 2021 Week 3 Results
We're halfway through the season! (Credit: Valve Corporation)

The Dota Pro Circuit 2021 is halfway through as three weeks have passed and only three remain. Check out what happened in Week 3!

Week 3 of the DPC 2021 is in the past and it's already clear which teams might be heading into the Lower Division. At least in some of the regions. Over the past week, it was also revealed that the first Dota 2 Major event for 2021 will be held in Singapore.

Team Secret Dota 2
Team Secret remain undefeated! (Credit: Team Secret)


The third week in Europe was a great success for Team Secret. Clement "Puppey" Ivanov's squad swept through Team Nigma and Team Liquid, not even giving them the joy of a single map victory. Both series ended with a 2:0 in favor of Secret. Liquid also played two games this week and suffered another loss against Tundra (mudgolems). Vikin.gg scored their first victory against Team Nigma after a contested series.

Things are looking even worse for High Coast Esports, as they've lost another series, this time against Alliance. This puts HCE on the bottom of the Upper Division and they'll most likely be dropping to the Lower one at the start of next season.

1. Team Secret4-08-1
2. Alliance2-15-2
3. OG2-14-4
4. Tundra Esports2-26-4
5. Team Nigma2-25-6
6. Team Liquid2-35-6
7. Vikin.gg1-22-5
8. High Coast Esports0-41-8
Na'Vi's Dota 2 team is finally back to being a major threat in the region. (Credit: Natus Vincere)


Not a whole lot has changed in the CIS as Virtus.pro and Na'Vi continue to dominate the region. The Russian bears scored two victories over the past week - against Team Unique and EXTREMUM. Team Empire suffered two losses, one against Na'Vi and another versus Live to Win. In turn, the latter lost to Team Spirit. NoTechies were the only team that didn't play a series this week, but they'll have two of them in the upcoming one.

2.Natus Vincere4-08-1
3.Team Spirit2-26-5
4.Live to Win2-25-5
6.Team Empire1-33-7
8.Team Unique0-31-6


It was a bad week for EHOME as the team lost to both Team Aster and Vici Gaming. Invictus defeated Vici, MagMa took out LBZS and Elephant scored victory versus PSG.LGD. The region is still as wild as ever and a lot can still change. Team Aster and IG are sitting at the top and it's hard to imagine they'll be dropping down the rankings. A lot will be decided in Week 4 which will start a bit later for China since the region will be celebrating New Year.

1.Team Aster3-06-1
2.Invictus Gaming3-06-2
3.Vici Gaming3-16-2
7.Team MagMa1-32-6
Fnatic Logo
Can Fnatic still make it to the top in SEA? (Credit: Fnatic)


We saw an interesting turn in Southeast Asia. BOOM Esports took down Fnatic in the first series of the week with 2:1 victory. Sadly, BOOM lost their next series against T1 but it was definitely a close one. The cycle of life continued as in turn T1 lost to TNC Predator in the final series for Week 3. Execration lost both series this week, giving points to Vice Esports and Neon Esports.

Neon Esports are the only team without a loss in the region.

1. Neon Esports4-08-3
2. Fnatic2-15-2
3. TNC Predator2-25-5
4. T12-25-6
5. BOOM Esports2-25-6
6. Vice Esports1-22-5
7. 496 Gaming1-35-6
8. Execration1-34-6
Arteezy Dota 2 EG
Who can stop EG? (Credit: Valve Corporation)

North America

In NA, Undying opened the week with a victory against Black N Yellow and closed it with a loss to Evil Geniuses. BNY lost another series to 4 Zoomers while S A D B O Y S scored points against 5ManMidas and Quincy Crew took down the A-Team. Just as everyone expected, Evil Geniuses are at the top of the leaderboard, followed by Quincy Crew - both teams without a single lost series. It's only a matter of time before they clash with each other, but it won't be in Week 4.

1.Evil Geniuses4-08-2
2.Quincy Crew3-06-0
4.S A D B O Y S2-15-2
5.4 Zoomers2-25-4
6.Black N Yellow1-32-7

South America

South America aka beastcoast's region. We thought of it like that until this past week when SG e-sports climbed the ladder with two successful series - one against Infamous and another versus Latam Defenders. Latam lost another one to NoPing and Team Unknown took down EgoBoys. Beastcoast didn't disappoint their fans and scored another victory against Thunder Predator. The former remain undefeated and they haven't even lost a single map yet.

2.SG e-sports3-16-3
3.Team Unknown2-25-4
4.Thunder Predator2-24-5
5.NoPing e-sports1-24-5
7.Latam Defenders1-33-7

That's it, you're all caught up on Week 3 of the DPC 2021. As we've already mentioned there'll be no Dota 2 series in China this week, but every other region will be playing.

DPC 2021 Week 4
The schedule for Week 4. (Credit: Reddit/Corrupt Dropbear)

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