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The Dota 2 Tutorial Is So Bad That the Community Is Crowdfunding A New One

Dota 2
dota 2 tutorial community crowdfunding
A community-made tutorial is happening! (Credit: Valve)

Dota 2 is a great game, but not really beginner-friendly. This is especially noticeable in the tutorial, which teaches you absolutely nothing. This has been the case for years and now the community wants to make it better with a crowdfunding campaign for a better Dota 2 tutorial.

If you want to get the basics of Dota 2, you're usually better off learning from friends or streamers. In the game itself, you are still completely lost after the tutorial.

You should never underestimate the value of a good idea and a loyal community! Dota 2 is loved so much (and hated at the same time) by its community that even its flaws can't keep you from trying to make the game better and more popular. That's what's about to happen with a new and improved Dota 2 tutorial, all funded by the fans!

Why Are Dota 2 Fans Crowdfunding a Tutorial?

Why now? Dota 2 has been around forever, and fans have been complaining about the tutorial for what seems like a decade. The reason is simple: The release of the Netflix series DOTA: Dragon's Blood is expected to attract many new players to Valve's MOBA. The thing is, most of them will probably be put off by the learning curve and the useless tutorial.

Valve hasn't done a whole lot in terms of marketing and promoting the game. Sure, there was a trailer for Dota 2 Reborn in 2015 and the occasional hype around The International but think about it. How many ads have you seen about Dota 2? That's right, the company that makes over $100 million from the Dota 2 Battle Pass every year can't dedicate resources for a new tutorial or marketing. Just Valve things.

dota 2 tutorial community crowdfunding
So far, the project has received more than $25.000. (Credit: Indiegogo)

The original goal of the fundraisers was to gather at least $10,000 for a simple mod. It was supposed to be finished by the release of Dragon's Blood and not get any major updates after that. Then again, no one expected the project to be such a huge success!

How Much Money Did Dota 2 Fans Crowdfund For Own Tutorial?

So far, the Dota 2 tutorial crowdfunding campaign has more than doubled, surpassing the $25.000 mark. There are still 24 days left so if you still want to participate in this iconic moment for Dota 2 history you can do so. Depending on your pledge you can even be immortalized in the game and leave a "message to the noobs".

The whole project is helmed by SirActionSlacks and that's hardly a surprise. However, Valve still has to make it all possible but something tells us there won't be any problems. We can look forward to these features in the mod:

  • Basic controls (movement, attack, etc.)
  • Gold and items (buy items, earn gold, etc.)
  • Gameplay (heroes and skills)
  • Community features (quick chat, mute toxic players)
DOTA: dragon
DOTA: Dragon's Blood will be released on March 25. (Credit: Netflix)

I don't know about you, but we're definitely keeping our fingers crossed for this project! Let's hope Valve weren't already making a new tutorial of their own!


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Original article by EarlyGame's Laura Pippig.