A new Dota 2 Patch later this week?

Dota 2 Patch 7.28 Is Coming With the Mistwood Update on Thursday

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Valve didn't really mention on which Thursday the patch will be released. (Image credit: Valve Corporation)

The Dota 2 official Twitter account posted today (something that doesn't happen very often) and gave fans an update on the upcoming patch: Patch 7.28 will be releasing this Thursday with the Mistwood update.

Dota 2’s patch 7.27 has been around for almost 6 months and players are eagerly awaiting the next big update. Valve previously mentioned that patch 7.28 will be arriving in the middle of December and by the looks of it, they’ll deliver:

The Dota 2 Twitter account gave us an update today – and, yes, that deserves special mention, as it really does not happen all that often:

Apparently, patch 7.28 will be known as the Mistwood update. Let's not forget that Valve didn't mention a date, just mentioned that it'd be "Thursday". For all we know that could also be December 24 as well... We're still assuming a release this Thursday though.

If there’s one thing we’re certain about with this patch, it’s the addition of the new hero. The last time a hero was added to the game was back in late November 2019 with the Outlanders Update. That’s when Snapfire and Void Spirit joined the battle. Besides the two heroes, the Outlanders Update made some significant changes to the game.

These changes included economy changes, map changes, the addition of outposts and neutral items, and various balance changes. We should probably expect something similar from the Mistwood Update. Maybe Valve will also drop a Christmas event? Frostivus is the usual name for it but this time it might be different? Who knows...

Picture new hero dota 2 diretide

Valve's teaser for the new hero came with the Diretide trailer. (Image credit: Valve)

From the looks of it, the new hero will be a humanoid, female, carry. We’ve already speculated on the Diretide trailer, where Snapfire held a newspaper with a mysterious new character. On the left side, we saw some sort of animal – considering the update is called Mistwood it’ll probably have something to do with that. Maybe forest critters are coming to Dota 2?

At this point, we’ll just have to wait and find out. Luckily though, the wait shouldn't be too long. What do you think about the upcoming update? Tell us on our Facebook page!


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