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Dota 2 Item Guide: Stop Buying Falcon Blade

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Falcon Blade is just terrible, that's it. (Credit: Valve Corporation)

Here we got with another Dota 2 Item Guide! This time we take a look at the recently added Falcon Blade. Here's why you should never buy it even if your life depends on it.

If you're interested in more item guides check out some of the previous ones - Blade Mail, Eul's Scepter of Divinity, Abyssal Blade, Manta Style, Spirit Vessel, and Hand of Midas. Today we're looking at Falcon Blade. Usually, you can say something nice about an item, with Falcon Blade that's not the case.

Falcon Blade

Let's take a look at this item's stats:

  • Patch created: 7.28
  • Total cost: 1100 gold - Builds from: Fluffy Hat (250 gold) + Sage's Mask (175) + Blades of Attack (450 gold) + Recipe (225 gold)
  • Provides: +175 Health, +1.8 Mana Regeneration, + 10 Damage

As you've probably noticed, Falcon Blade doesn't have an active or passive component since the stats it provides are that good (if only that were true). I'm not really sure where Falcon Blade is supposed to fit. Sure, the gold cost is okayish but in return, you get absolutely nothing of value. The funny thing is Falcon Blade was recently buffed and the health provided increased from +150 to +175 while mana regen jumped from +1.6 to +1.8. It's still bad.

Hoodhwink dota 2

Hoodwink might be one of the few heroes that benefit from this horrible item. (Credit: Valve Corporation)

It really feels like each of the components is much better than the big item itself. You want some extra health early on? Get a Fluffy Hat or a Bracer, both options are much cheaper. If you need the mana, you're way better going for Void Stone which is 825 gold for 2.25 mana regen, or straight up Arcane Boots that give you +250 mana and an active that restores 160 mana not only to you but to allies as well. And they cost 1400 gold.

For the damage part, even a common Broadsword provides you with +15 damage for 1000 gold.

Falcon Blade Is Terrible

You'd think that at least one hero will make use of the item considering Dota 2 has over 100 heroes. Think about it, which hero needs the stats provided by Falcon Blade? Hoodwink? Maybe. There are only a couple of situations where you might consider a Falcon Blade and even then it's still a terrible idea even on supports. Especially on supports, since you can't save a teammate with a Falcon Blade.

  • Let's say you're a core hero and the game is going great, will you buy a Falcon Blade? - No. There are way better options.
  • Let's say the opposite is happening and the game is an absolute stomp. - Will buying Falcon Blade make a difference? Not at all.

The item doesn't give you anything of value for the amount it costs and the alternatives are way better as they build into much better items. Even Bracer/Wraith Band/Null Talisman are miles ahead of a Falcon Blade. There's also the fact that an even better item exists in the same price range and most of the time (especially if you're a melee core) you'll find it a lot more useful. I'm talking about Orb of Corrosion.

Gabe newell new zealand dota 2

Gabe Newell will never buy a Falcon Blade, why would you? (Credit: TVNZ)

Orb of Corrosion costs 925 gold, gives you health, and reduces enemy movement speed and armor. For almost 200 gold less you'll actually be getting an item that might help your team or allow you to chase someone down. Other alternatives around the same price range include:

  • Urn of Shadows (840 gold) - you can heal an ally or get an assist/kill
  • Medallion of Courage (1025 gold) - save a teammate/increase dps on target
  • Magic Wand (425 gold) - can actually save your life
  • Soul Ring (750 gold) - extra health and mana

Before you decide something crazy like buying Falcon Blade just know that it's less picked than Aegis of the Immortal and unlike the latter's win rate which is around 90%+, Falcon Blade is sitting comfortably at sub 50%. Offlane heroes with mana issues might consider a Falcon Blade but Arcane Boots, Vlads are usually a way better option.

One potential way to make it better would be to remove the recipe and drop the total price to 875 gold. That'll make Falcon Blade infinitely better, perhaps even too good. Will it happen? We'll have to wait and see but until then, don't waste your gold.

What do you think about Falcon Blade? Do you see it getting picked in many of your games? How many did you lose because of it? Tell us on our Facebook page or Discord server!

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