2020 – a year full of surprises!

Dota 2 in 2020: All the Highlights

Dota 2
Dota 2 2020 highlights

Let's recap the Dota 2 year! (Image credit: Valve Corporation)

2020 is (finally) over and what better day to wrap it up than with a review of the biggest moments in Dota 2. Here's what happened in the past year!

2020 changed the world as we know it. Dota 2’s competitive scene had to delay or cancel many events including The International. If you were looking for a recap, you're at the right place!


  • Back in January the pandemic was just slowly creeping in, so we managed to see some LAN events like the Leipzig Major aka DreamLeague Season 13. This was the first and last DPC event in 2020 and Team Secret claimed the title.
  • The two-time TI winners OG lost three members at once as Jesse “JerAx” Vainikka retired for good while Anathan “ana” Pham and Sebastien “Ceb” Debs announced they’ll be taking a break from the competitive scene. Fear not as a replacement was already there in the face of Sumail “SumaiL” Syed Hassan.
  • Cloud9 announced their return to Dota 2 with a new team and patch 7.24 dropped in.

Video Credit: B8 via YouTube





Blast Bounty Hunt promo image

We hope BLAST come back with another Dota 2 event! (Image Credit: BLAST via Twitter)



Gorgc dota 2 og ceb

Gorgc's days with OG came to an end in August. (Image Credit: OG)


  • The biggest Dota 2 event in August was the OMEGA League where some of the best teams clashed.
  • The International left a void in August but fans were still eager to invest more money into the Battle Pass.
  • Janne “Gorgc” Stefanovski was released by OG due to a conflict of interest. He was signed with the team as a streamer and content creator.





  • Virtus.pro took first place at the Epic League
  • The long-awaited patch 7.28 finally arrived with the Mistwoods Update. The latter added the brand-new hero Hoodwink and many new changes with the introduction of Aghanim’s Shards. These shards cost 1400 gold and are only available after minute 20. Getting one will either give you a new spell or alter an already existing one.

It was an interesting year for Dota 2 and 2021 looks more promising than ever. The Dota Pro Circuit is set to return in January so get ready for some more regional leagues and a Major event later on!

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