Trick or Treat Roshan

Diretide is Back! Dota 2’s Most Beloved Halloween Holiday!

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Trick or Treat has a new dangerous meaning! (Image Credit: Valve)

Something spooky has emerged from Roshan’s pit! Diretide returns to Dota 2 and the end boss is on the hunt for players that dare to steal his treasure! The best Halloween event in gaming returns this year.

For the uninitiated, Diretide is Valve’s crazy Halloween event for Dota 2 that let’s lose the mighty Roshan from his lair. But what does Roshan want? It wants the Greevil Taffy. The game mode revolves around you stealing Greevil Taffy as Roshan tries to hunt you down, if it catches you, you can give it your Taffy and live to fight another day. Fill your bag with treats and victory is yours in this special game mode.

Players can also earn Diretide points by playing regular matches during the event. Once you collect 100 points you can get one of Roshan’s Reward Chests which can contain:

  • Scatterbrains Courier
  • Diretide Shader Effect
  • Hallowed Chest of the Diretide treasure
  • In total, there are over 75 treats you can open and find them all on the official Dota blog.
Diretide rewards

Diretide Reward Highlights (Image Credit: Valve)

The Event ends on December 22 so there is lots of time to earn the rewards and enjoy Halloween well into Christmas!

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