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The Best Dota 2 Cosplays

Dota 2
Dota queen of pain

These cosplays are hot! (Credit: Valve Corporation)

In the last part of our short cosplay series, we showed you the best League of Legends cosplays. Now, it's time we continue with the most impressive cosplays from Dota 2! Many of them are really hot, so get ready for something.

Cosplay is really an art in itself, and it's the perfect expression of fan love! What greater compliment to a character is there, than wanting to be the character themselves? Today, we present you with a few of our favorite Dota 2 cosplays!

1. Drow Ranger (Wika Simpson)

Drow Ranger is one of the heroes many of us played when we were starting out. That's why we're happy about every Drow Ranger cosplay that turned out to be as good as this one!

2. Lina (Dussya)

This cosplay is hot in a very different way. Lina is really well done, and the spark is definitely there.

3 Vengeful Spirit (unknown)

This mysterious stranger has created a fantastic Vengeful Spirit cosplay! We would love to know what the lady's name is.

4. Queen of Pain (Iris Fedorova)

Queen of Pain is dangerous, seductive, and fun as hell. This Dota 2 cosplay captured all of that perfectly!

5. Naga Siren (Naiyunaiyu).

This is definitely not an everyday look, but a fantastic Dota 2 cosplay of Naga Siren! Just wow.

6. Zeus (Real Life Raid)

Zeus! As he lives and breathes! The outfit, the confident pose, the beard - it's all spot on.

7. Wind Ranger (Fishy Cosplay)

Okay, I was wrong. This Windranger cosplay is simply stunning!

8. Templar Assassin (Sophie Katssby)

The last Dota 2 cosplay has a lot of power. Just like Templar Assassin. The effects really does make all the difference!


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This article was originally written by EarlyGame's Laura Pippig.

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