The Compass of the Rising Gale didn’t disappoint!

Dota 2: The Compass of the Rising Gale Might Be the Best Arcana We’ve Seen

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Dota 2 Compass of the Rising Gale Windranger Arcana

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The days of the Dota 2 2020 Battle Pass are all but numbered. Over the weekend Valve released the last arcana for the season – Compass of the Rising Gale.

This year’s Dota 2 Battle Pass offered a lot of exclusive items. From the three treasures (still waiting on Immortal Treasure III btw), to the two personas and the three arcanas. The Wraith King arcana came directly with the release of the pass, giving players the option to play as the fan-favorite Skeleton King. Sadly all that changed about the hero was his model. The Eminence of Ristul for Queen of Pain improved upon that with extra voice lines and custom icons for both spells and the hero.

Then we had the two personas – one for Anti-Mage and one for Pudge. The AM one was a bit disappointing with a lot of weird visual choices like the hero’s stance for instance. It also lacked custom animations or spell icons to differentiate Wei from the regular Anti-Mage. The Toy Butcher turns Pudge into a cute stuffed toy with brand-new sound effects on each of his active abilities that make him even more annoying than usual. Valve also mislead the community a bit with it as the advertised product and the actual one had some noticeable differences.

Last but certainly not least we have the Compass of the Rising Gale.

Compass of the Rising Gale

The arcana for Windranger is arguably the best one in the 2020 Battle Pass (maybe of all-time?) and it comes as no coincidence that it also requires the most levels (575). So what makes the arcana so different? Much like the other two, it offers a brand-new model for the hero. It also features two styles, custom hero and spell icons and over 500 new voice lines. So far it’s on par with the Eminence of Ristul.

Dota 2 Compass of the Rising Gale mode comparison

A comparison between the old model and the new one. (Image credit: Wykrhm via Twitter)

The Compass of the Rising Gale also adds a custom channelling icon and new effects for Force Staff and Eul’s Scepter of Divinity. We’ve seen custom effects tied to some other skins in the past and it has been some time.

Compass of the Rising Gale Windranger custom channel bar

The custom channeling bar. (Image credit: Valve Corporation)

The Windranger skin won’t be available through any other means except the 2020 Battle Pass. In order to get it you’ll have to reach level 575 on the pass which is no small task. With no other weekend bundle in sight, that might be a lot to invest for most fans, considering 24 levels come at a regular price of 10 euro. Is the Windragner arcana the highlight of this year’s Battle Pass? Yes, it is. Is it worth getting it? That’s entirely up to you and depends how close you are to the required level. If you’re a Windranger player it might be a lot more tempting though.

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