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The Saudi Prince Hits Level 100,000 on His Dota 2 Battle Pass

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Prince Salman Dota 2 levels battle pass

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The Saudi Prince is still the Dota 2 player with the most levels on his Battle Pass and he just surpassed 100,000 levels in Valve’s title.

When it comes to the annual Dota 2 Battle Pass, there are people trying to level up without spending more than the necessary and the polar opposite. In the latter, there’s no better example than the Saudi Prince, namely Salman bin Abdulaziz bin Salman bin Mohammed Al Saud. The member of the Saudi royal family is a passionate Dota 2 fan and he’s also quite the supporter each year.

Saudi Prince Dota 2 Battle Pass levels

Image credit: Stratz.com

In 2020, he already managed to surpass the 100,000 level mark, a milestone that many of us would never dream of reaching. After all, you get all possible rewards at level 2,000. Getting 50 times more than that is plain overkill, but not for the Saudi Prince. He has already invested approximately over $41,000 which is quite a lot for any other player. Usually, you’d need a lot less of an investment to receive all possible cosmetics and this year there are quite a lot of them (all exclusives).

Dota 2 Battle Pass: What’s Next?

The Dota 2 Battle Pass got extended by Valve from September 19 to October 9 due to various reasons. That means there’s still over a week remaining until it ends. Prince Salman’s previous record for the most Dota 2 levels in a Battle Pass is from 2017 when he went for over 175,000 levels.

Saudi Prince Steam Dota 2 levels battle pass

The prince's record in 2017. (Image credit: Steam)

At this point, it seems highly unlikely that he’ll surpass his old record but who knows. In the meantime, the prize pool for The International 10 is growing and growing and only less than a million away from hitting the fabled $40 million.

Dota 2 TI10 prize pool

Will the TI10 prize pool hit $40 million? (Image credit: dota2.prizetrac.kr)

If that happens, everyone owning a Battle Pass will receive 10 extra levels (that includes the prince). It’ll also be the biggest prize pool in esports history for a single event and a huge leap from last year when it reached “only” $34,330,068. The big event itself was postponed by Valve, due to the coronavirus pandemic and all the travel restrictions it imposed. Fans can expect the return of the prestigious tournament next year in August and the location remains the same – Stockholm, Sweden.

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