The Saudi Prince's Dota 2 Battle Pass Is Almost at Level 100,000 Now!

Dota 2 Saudi Prince Battle Pass levels
Image credit: Valve Corporation

The Saudi Prince has almost reached 100,000 levels on his Dota 2 Battle Pass and with over a week remaining he’ll definitely surpass the milestone!

The Dota 2 2020 Battle Pass was supposed to come to an end on September 19 but got extended due to various reasons. First and foremost Valve delivered the last Immortal Treasure III a few days before the actual end date. A lot of people were waiting on it in order to get a significant boost with the treasure achievements and extra levels gained by opening them. This would lead to the next big reward and if the pass ended just a few days later many would miss out on a lot of the content.

Valve clearly realized that and extended the duration of the Battle Pass (just like many of us expected) from September 19 to October 9, giving it three extra weeks. That’s plenty of time for most of us to finish the cavern, get some more levels through wagers/achievements and hit that next reward. While a lot of players are still struggling to reach level 575 and get every possible cosmetic from this year’s Battle Pass others are way ahead.

Saudi Prince dota 2 battle pass levels
Image credit: Steffen Füssel

The Saudi Prince at Almost 100,000 Levels

We’ve reported previously when the Saudi Prince reclaimed his number one spot in terms of levels but back then he was “merely” at 55,000. Over the last few months, he has made quite the leap and currently sits comfortably at 99,856. That's approximately $41,571!

Saudi Prince Dota 2 2020 Battle Pass levels
The prince has a huge lead. (Image credit:

This means he’s only 144 levels away from hitting the big milestone of 100,000 levels. Considering there are still around two weeks remaining till the Battle Pass ends, it’s almost given that the Saudi Prince will surpass the 100,000 level mark. If we compare his levels to previous years we find out that in 2018 he reached 101,127 levels and in 2019 it was “only” at level 51,354. This year he may easily surpass his record set in 2018, but he's still far away from breaking his all-time high from 2017 when he finished with 175,457 levels.

Out of the top 10 players with the highest Battle Pass levels, the prince is one of the two with “intenseactivity. He’s not only getting the levels but also playing the game at quite the rate. What’ll be the prince’s record for this year? Leave a guess on our Facebook page!

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