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The shortest major patch we've seen

Dota 2 Patch 7.26 is a short one

Dota 2
Dota 2 Patch 7.26
Image credit: Valve Corporation

Dota 2 received a new patch update this Friday and it was one of the shortest ones we’ve seen. Did it change much, though?

Short and sweet 7.26

The last patch we saw before 7.26 was the 7.25c update. Despite the former being a major one, it is much shorter. Here’s the full list of changes that came along:

  • This release is focused only on the following systemic changes. Once these changes settle a bit, there will be follow-up with hero and item-specific adjustments.
  • Attributes no longer provide Magic Resistance, Spell Amplification and Movement Speed for Strength, Intelligence and Agility respectively.
  • Gold bounties have been reduced by 10% (affects buildings, lane creeps, neutrals and heroes).
  • Killstreak gold has been reduced by 50%.

What does this mean?

As it quickly becomes clear, 7.26 isn’t quite out yet and more changes to items and heroes will soon follow. It seems Valve wants to test what kind of effect the rest of the changes will have first.

Attributes no longer provide magic resistance, spell amp, and movement speed. This is especially noticeable on heroes with high stat gain like Morphling. His movement will be much lower now, compared to 7.25. On the bright side, the hero will deal more magic damage on average as most heroes will have a lower amount of resistance.

The killstreak gold reduction will prevent huge economy swings as eliminating the enemy’s top killer will no longer grant insane amounts of gold. The most direct change, though, is the last one. There’s practically 10% less gold in the game now. This is good for some heroes and bad for others.

Carries that scale slowly will now take an even longer amount of time as their item timings get delayed. Heroes that don’t care much about items and rely more on levels will have some nice games ahead. Chances are we’ll see less carry heroes getting picked in favor of off-lane and mid-lane types.

It’s has been only a few days into Patch 7.26, so what are your impressions from the latest changes? Stay tuned for more Dota 2 news and a future update on the item and hero changes.