Dota 2 Desperately Needs the Replay Takeover Feature Back

Dota 2 replay takeover feature
Image credit: Valve Corporation

Dota 2 had a replay takeover feature but it was scrapped with the arrival of Dota 2 Reborn. In some recent matches it became apparent we need it back.

Some Dota 2 matches had to be replayed during the OMEGA League since the game kept crashing. We’re of course talking about the games between Liquid and 5men. What basically happened there was a regular pro game of Dota 2 until the game crashed. It was then replayed again until it crashed. It was then replayed again until it crashed. Then wouldn’t you know it, it was replayed again until it crashed. Note that in each replay it was basically a different game as teams had the option to pick whatever line up they wanted (they didn’t have to play the exact same heroes as during the game that crashed).

So what caused it? We’re not sure, according to some reports there were outages all over Europe so that might be the reason.

What we’re more interested in is the lack of tools Valve provides to the players and teams in such cases. It’s surprising that the game is missing a feature it used to have – namely the replay takeover. The latter used to exist in the Dota 2 Source 1 time, but all of that change with the arrival of Dota 2 Reborn when it was scrapped. In fact, fans have been asking for a return of the feature for years, but Valve has always turned their attention elsewhere.

We’ve only seen a few cases of game crashes during official matches, but the fact that it happened three times in a row before a single game was finished proved how dire the situation is. Imagine if that happened during The International. Replay takeover will give players and teams more security regarding the game and their strategy as they’ll be able to continue exactly where the crash left them. Additionally, it’ll save fans and viewers the frustration of watching something like that happen to their favorite game, which also happens to be the title with the biggest prize pool in esports.

At this point in time, the community has invested over $100 million only 34 of which are going into the prize pool for The International 10. It’s not like Valve are missing any funds to spend on making the game better in its competitive aspect.

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