Phase One is over for DIG

Dignitas fall to Orgless at Flashpoint Season 1

Dignitas lose orgless flashpoint season1

Another defeat for Dignitas means they are out of Flashpoint Season 1 Phase One. (Image credit: Dignitas via Twitter)

Dignitas’ run in Phase One of Flashpoint Season 1 is over. The Danish-Slovakian combo didn’t exactly work out and it will be Orgless who will play Cloud9 in the Group C final.

No org, no problem

The result might have been 2-1 but it definitely doesn’t say the whole story. Dignitas played a good Nuke to take the lead in the match but got utterly destroyed by Orgless on the following maps. One could tell communication was a major issue for the four Swedes and their Slovakian AWPer Ladislav “GuardiaN” Kovács.

Dignitas did not win a single T-side round on Mirage and Inferno and didn’t fare much better on the defense. Seven rounds across the two maps made the veterans look like toddlers on the server versus their Orgless opponents. Håkon “hallzerk” Fjærli’s return could not come soon enough.

Meanwhile, another group of veterans is showing signs of life. Made in Brazil recorded their best win in a while against Gen.G Esports. The South American team won both maps played despite a lackluster performance by Epitacio “TACO” de Melo who finished bottom of the server with just 24 kills.

We were wondering if mibr are completely done a week ago and now they stand a W away from winning their Flashpoint Season 1 group. How quickly things could change in life!

MAD Lions dominated c0ntact Gaming in the final match of the day. The international roster has been extremely underwhelming all season long and this 16-9; 16-7 loss feels like a frighteningly natural conclusion to their Flashpoint Season 1 Phase One campaign.

The final fixtures of this stage of the tournament are all scheduled for today. These are:

  • HAVU – MAD Lions
  • Cloud9 – Orgless
  • Chaos Esports Club – Made in Brazil

Fasten your seatbelts for the culmination of Phase One. Meanwhile, you can remind yourself of all the Flashpoint Season 1 action.

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